Pink Wishes CND, Duo Enamels in Limited Edition: 1 Color + 1 Iridescent Effect

I like enamels, I like the colors and I like more the effects that can be given. I dare not always take them as the effect for example, broken but the iridescent effect I love.

I bring you a Duo enamels in limited edition of CND, Pink Wishes, which come two glazes (29.90 euros): one in pink, the second Adds the iridescent coat of which I speak. The colored glaze can be used only for a normal finish and if you add effect layer, you’ll get the iridescent.

There are 15 possible effects. You can emphasize the Pearl a base color that you like, either remove the brightness as it happens with the Super Matte top coat, the third option is to apply a coat of glitter. Pearlescent roses or white, blue glitters, glitter up to six different options.

One of the most I like is refinishing glitter gold on a layer of chocolate brown enamel. It is very nice and elegant. Do not try to add glitter golden brown enamel, I can say from experience that it does not give the same result.

It is one of the examples that show the video advertising that they have hung on his official website, presenting the new collection fall/winter 2011-2012 and apply several “effects”. Play with your loved ones at home, apply two layers of a different color to see what result gives. Can you invent new finish of season …