Perfect Underwear for Thermal Comfort

Technical underwear and Nap Bag Towel Suit of Pally’Hi for Men

Mountaineers know it for a long time! But in the meantime grab snowboarders, skiers and action sports enthusiasts to baselayer the onion technique. With the onion technique counts the inner values. Several layers of different functional clothing offer optimum comfort during sports and support the performance tremendously.

Technical Underwear for Men

Structure of layers of clothing after onion system:

  1. Base layer (baselayer)
  2. Insulation (fleece, tech hoodies, etc.)
  3. Shell (soft shells, hard shells, Outerwear) course provides for the cool outfit the snowboard pants and flashy snowboard jacket, but you should also including stay cool. Do you go there during sports extreme, gets your body temperature and you come up a sweat. Follows it a break, it can happen that you bring your sweat bathed shirt for freezing. But that is now over! The important base layer on your skin brings the necessary features for limitless fun sport.

As it should be, has Blue Tomato from functions on technical socks to function Shirt everything in range.



Advantages technical underwear:

Moisture wicking



Fast drying


Odor reducing

Partly antibacterial (depending on material)


By thermo-regulating effect of the wash your body temperature remains constant – to overheat the risk during sports or subcool thus decreases tremendously. This is achieved by the removal of welding in outer layers, where it dries quickly. In addition, specific areas of the body are a particular focus. There climates are used from the highest quality, high-tech materials to improve comfort and the benefits continue. The seamless process, and the use of flat-lock seams prevent possible scratching and friction sources and let you function clothing barely feel.


Many brands have something plugged for optimum functionality of technical tricks in their functional underwear.



Technical underwear Eivy for women

In Eivy you get the right material with cool prints, for an active outdoor lifestyle. FABdry2 ™ is a 4-way stretch material, which is soft, fast-drying and moisture eliminated.



Ortovox processed high quality merino wool for the base layer. Merino 185 is the absolute all-rounder and donates depending on ambient temperature, the right heat. On particularly cold days you are well advised with Merino 240 including soft inner side as thermal layer.

By round knitting method, the clothing receives a perfect fit and the zonal material thicknesses allow optimal thermoregulation. In terms of functionality, design, quality and sustainability is the award-winning Merino Competition once.


Merino Supersoft, as the name suggests, super soft. By combining the two natural fibers, merino and Lenzing Modal®, you get an incredibly comfortable fit.

Thus, the functional underwear does not act bored, Ortovox offers the “Rock’n’Wool” to series. This color joyful underwear made from 100% merino wool, covers a wide temperature range from, regulates the moisture transport and prevents excessive odor.



As Ortovox is also Bergans on merino wool. The benefits of this natural product are obvious: super soft, odor and the fabric can absorb more than 30% of its own weight in moisture before it feels wet.



Armada swears by his long underwear on Polartec® Power Dry®. This substance is known that he keeps you dry and highest wearing comfort. The patented two-component knit construction outside and inside of the substance are different. The inner surface quickly wicks moisture to the outside where it can dry quickly. Also down and PrimaLoft® be used as thermal insulators.



Underwear Armada for Men

Purchasing decision baselayer outweighs their functionality. However, forget the manufacturer not to the style and the right fit. This you choose mainly on how active you are on the mountain, how much you sweat and how fast you’re cold. Close-fitting underwear is most effectively in terms of moisture transport and thermal insulation. However, when freedom of movement and style are paramount, you can choose your baselayer in relaxed fit. In addition to men’s products, there is also specially tailored functional underwear for women. The manufacturers guarantee so, the perfect fit for the female form.


The following fits are available to you:

Compression: This fit is for athletes, where the underwear will also support the muscles. Especially for low temperatures and aerobic activities is the ideal choice.

Fitted / semi-fitted: Relatively tight, but still comfortable to wear.

Relaxed: Especially in spring and Park Shreds is the best.

General: This technical underwear can also reach their full potential, they must fit snugly against your skin. Thus, an optimum moisture transport and an ideal thermal regulation will take place.

Airblaster sets at First Layer example extremely stylish Ninja Suits. These keep your body dry, without restricting the necessary freedom of movement.

Even Burton and 69 Slam have taken up this trend in the baselayer. Nevertheless, some classics remain in the range. Long underwear that you can wear either in handy 3/4 length, are an important companion for hours of fun in the deepest powder. Your upper body is, depending on the temperature, protected by a long sleeve shirt or tank top.

However, functional underwear can only work in conjunction with at least one other layer. So you should pay attention at your snowboard pants and snowboard jacket at appropriate levels in the water column and breathability. Just as the base layer to its full potential and keep you both warm and dry. Particularly in sports in cold temperatures or strenuous activities, such as ski touring or snowboarding Split, you should for quality membranes and good materials eighth.

Blue Tomato has definitely the perfect technical underwear at the moment which is your requirements.