Pelé Processes for Samsung Ad with “Look-Alike” and Asks R $ 108 Million

Pelé is suing Samsung in Chicago, in the United States due to an advertising used by the company that has a “look-alike” star. According to the former footballer, the act is inappropriate, since he did not give permission to someone like they transmit the ad.

As you can see above, it is questionable whether the look-alike really looks like Pele. According to news agency Reuters, the lawsuit says advertising includes the image of a man “closely resembles” it. The complaint was presented by the IP Skin Ownership LLC, which controls the Pelé brand and image rights of the former player. They ask for $ 30 million compensation, equivalent to R $ 108 million.

Published in the American Journal The New York Times, the ad promotes its line of UHD TVs in 4K resolution. The image shows the alleged lookalike animated star next to a Samsung TV showing a football match. The campaign has the slogan “See more. Feel more. ”

Above, the full television ad in the newspaper with the caption “More color. More admiration. ” The complaint also says that advertising has a picture of a football player doing a bicycle kick, which was “perfected and notoriously used by Pele.” Therefore, this set of elements make the reader supposed to remember the star.

As justification, the company says that much of the income comes from advertisements Pelé, and the announcement will affect “the value of the former athlete image rights and confuse consumers who may believe that it endorse products from Samsung.” Pelé already has 75 years and retired in 1977, nearly 40 years ago.

Everything is aggravated by a negotiation made between Samsung and Pelé in 2013, when the South Korean company broke the agreement at the last minute. The IP Skin Ownership says that because of that, Samsung ‘never obtained the rights to use Pele of identity in some way or form “. It is up to the lawyers to prove that the notice was not a rematch for the near-agreement three years ago.

It is true that the star very invoice advertising. According to the magazine Forbes, Pele is the 10th highest paid retired athlete in the world. A Bloomberg, which focuses on finance, says that during the World Cup 2014, Pelé earned $ 25 million in advertising for Subway, Volkswagen, Santander and P & G.

The lawyer of Pelé, Frederick Sperling told Fortune that the goal is to get a “fair compensation for the unauthorized use of the identity of Pelé, and predict future inappropriate uses.” He has played basketball star Michael Jordan, who won $ 8.9 million in damages against a supermarket by a similar premise.

At Reuters , a spokesman for Samsung Danielle Cohen declined to comment. The our site contacted the agency responsible for the corporate part of Samsung in Brazil to a statement on the case and the company said that for now, no comment on the action.