Patchwork of Paper Coat the Wall

Remains of an old wallpaper showcase turned a cheerful panel in the Garimpo Fuxique store and gave a special coloring to the scene. “I wanted to recycle the leftovers from the catalog and set up a different panel,” says Ana Strumpf, owner of the store and creator of the vibrant blend. One afternoon, she chose the pieces, composed the pictures and filled the 12-square-meter wall. 

Want to decorate your house like this? Ana made a small patchwork kit with several prints, for sale for 40 reais per m². The fun light house Firm completes the look. And if your wall is kind of bland, take a look at our sticker gallery . It has something for everyone. Here at WALLSTICKERCOLLECTION, you can check different types of wall stickers.

How To Assemble The Patchwork Panel

Separate the pieces of paper by the size of the pictures, dissolve the white glue (a measure of glue to one of water) in a bucket with water and choose a roll of your own to spread the solution behind each flap and wall. If dripping, wipe with damp cloth. Paste the pieces with the simplest drawings first and end with the most striking figures. This little trick helps to compose a balanced mix.