Party Makeup: Eye Black Smudges

Are you looking for a perfect makeup for the party? How about one with eye black smudges?

When we have a party to go to, just think about clothes that we will use in the shoe, the hairstyle, and mainly in makeup, after all she’s the one who will give the final touch in our visual.

Between the options of makeup more used for Parties at night, the classic black eye is among the Favorites of women.

However, not everyone can do this makeup properly, or has some doubt as to let the eye well seconded without heavy look.

The black eye blur is the darling of many famous international and national, and so became reference of sensuality and elegance.

A well made with black eye makeup smudges, wins a special air of sensuality and even gives a “diva effect” in any woman, isn’t it?

Thinking about it, I selected several tips on makeup for the party with an eye to blur you get inspired!

See some makeup tricks to make the eye black smudges.

1 – be careful with the heavy hand

To make the perfect smoky look, care must be taken and have lightness in the hands. Otherwise, the blur effect can be blurred and jerky.

The secret to not blur the blur is the correct mixture of the shadows on the eyelid, IE, they merge, however gently.

2 – do not carry the makeup

Although the sets of dramatic makeup is still being used by some women, not to run the risk of making mistakes, always choose a smooth lipstick when you do the makeup for black eye obliterated party.

3-Choose the ideal brush to achieve a perfect smoky look for party

To get that celebrity smoky look, you have to choose the right brush. The worst of the brushes to do this technique, without doubt is the sponge, as it does not spread well.

To achieve the desired effect, choose a brush boring, for the shadow on the eyelid, and another round, small, for merging.

4-Bet on the combination of shadow and black pencil

To make the most natural and smooth, make a good suggestion is to merge the black with graphite or dark brown. To conclude our party makeup with striking look, the black pencil has no error.

5-Party Makeup with black smudges eye step by step

  • Pass a Brown shadow or graphite on all the mobile eyelid, until a little concave line.
  • With an oval brush, make shuttle movements, from the root of the eyelashes moving toward the concave.
  • Pass a black shadow over, but only until the end of the concave line.
  • Then repeat the same process from step 1, and then blow the shadows, to create a gradient effect.
  • Choose a light shade and make a very soft light point, close to the eyebrow area.
  • Then apply black pencil on the internet of the eyelid inferior and close the lower lashes.
  • Blow lightly stroke done close to the lower lashes with a bore brush.
  • To finish our makeup black eye to blur party, apply three layers of eyelashes black mask.
  • To make the most dramatic makeup, put a false eyelashes and use the eyelash curler to make them well.
  • Finalize the makeup with a light pink blush and a nude lipstick or gloss.