Paranoid Android Teaches Us in Video Its System Multi-Tasking for Android

The real multitasking It has become a challenge for many developers in Android. We have seen how Samsung has launched its own system or how CornerStone also has attempted it. It seems easy but not so much, but now with all the power that has hardware seems the perfect time to do so.

Now this race he joins Paranoid Android, a ROM that gaining more popularity in recent months. At the moment, we are warned, is a long way ahead and what we see today in video is only a small demonstration of what we can expect.

As you can see in the video, a few lines below, which aims to Paranoid Android is create applications in window, the style of the traditional operating systems, and can insert between applications without a problem and maintaining processes in parallel.

In the demo we see a few examples, from simple applications such as SMS to other communication a bit heavier like Facebook and Skype. The idea is pretty good and so you can see inside Android implementation will enough fluid, at least in the Nexus 4.

At the moment is that we will enjoy this system on our Android but Paranoid Android guys already warn us that the first demo will arrive soon. The plan is quite ambitious, though they have already warned that they have a plan B if the thing fails to work well.