Pantacourt: The Pants That Brings Comfort And Personality To Any Occasion

The pantacourt is a pant that ends in the middle of the cinnamon, resembles a shorts, but it does not become one, and, more often than not, appears looser in the body.

There are those who wring their noses at the model, but he has in fact conquered the closet of many fashionistas and promises to continue making success in the productions of the day to day.

The pantacourt is a combination of comfort and versatility. With it you can compose cool and modern looks, but also serious and elegant productions, since it is possible to find it in different types of fabric.

Check below some tips, developed in partnership with image consultant Katy Garcia, how to use pantacourt on different occasions and be inspired to adopt this piece in your visual.

Pantacourt In Tailoring

The pantacourt is a great fit for stylish and sophisticated looks. According to the image consultant, the ideal is to combine with light and feminine pieces, such as fun t-shirts, regattas and silk shirts.On her feet she points to platforms, metal ledges and even sneakers.

Pantacourt With Sneakers

You can also put on some cool looks with pantacourt. Katy gives some tips on creating productions with sneakers: “invest in other lighter pieces to balance the look and you can also coordinate your pantacourt with a lace regatta, a long earring and a white sneaker.”

Pantacourt Jeans

Another model for the pantacourt collection, the jeans version. Perfect for fans of good old jeans look and T-shirt. “Here she has a more sporty look and looks great on those who have little hips or is skinny because the jeans have more volume and helps to add volume to the silhouette. It looks beautiful with jumps, sneakers or sneakers, “advises the image consultant.

Leather Pantacourt

A sexier and more elaborate version, perfect for composing looks for evening events. “Just like jeans, leather can add volume to the silhouette, so trim, size and modeling are super important,” explains Katy. Feet, heels and boots complement the look with a lot of charm and style.

Stamped Pantacourt

The prints always add a touch of personality to the visual. The image consultant gives some tips for those who have doubts when it comes to composing prints: “If you have a narrow hip, it’s worth investing in pantacourts with larger prints, but pay attention to the harmony of your silhouette, no exaggeration in the size of the print So that you seem lost inside it. Dark backgrounds help disguise volume. Clear backgrounds increase. ”

Pantacourt overalls

A joker piece in the closet as it is versatile and super easy to use. But if you hit any doubt, Katy gives the tips: “pantacourt overalls look great on women with long legs, be they mignon or plus size.

Is your leg longer than the trunk? Then invest! If you do not have long legs, but would love to wear it, look for overalls with high waist. “Annotated tips, now is to play in productions with the piece!

Pantacourt Looks Winter

For looks with the piece on colder days, it is worth betting on the overlays. Pantyhose, leather jacket, coats and long sleeve sweaters are ideal. On the feet, the boots are the right bet. For those who are afraid to flatten the silhouette, the tip is to invest in high-waist pants to lengthen the legs, advises Katy.

Pantacourt In Ballad Looks

The pants are super welcome in ballad looks. Combine with jerseys or even a body. Shine, lace and jump are sure things to compose the look, according to the image consultant.

Pantacourt For Short

If fear causes the silhouette to bother, the tip is to bet on heeled shoes, preferably nude or that are the same color as the pants. Katy recalls another valuable tip that is to invest in high-heeled pants to lengthen the silhouette.

Beautiful Pantacourts To Buy And Rake In The Look

Check below a selection of pantacourt pants for you to buy online and make beautiful in the look of the day.

The options of models are endless, you will find stamped, smooth pantacourt and of various types of fabrics. Choose the one that most has to do with your style and bury the combinations.

More Inspiring Looks With Pantacourt

We separate several images of bloggers using pantacourt to inspire you. They are productions of different styles and occasions.

After so many inspirations and tips, surely you will want to choose a pantacourt to call your own and raze in the productions of the day to day.