Acer Presents Very Similar to iCloud Service

During the event anticipating the start of CES 2012, fair of technology and electronics that happens this week in Las Vegas, USA, Acer unveiled a service worthy of having passed by Xerox. Not the “Xerox” company, but the copier is popularly called that way in Brazil. To store files in the cloud consumers the company appears to us with AcerCloud.

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Swimwear Shorts, the Most Beautiful of Summer 2016

Among the trends of beachwear 2016 there are also costumes in shorts . Comfortable shorts, glam and strategic, the bottom is ideal for summer activities in water and for those who are not yet perfectly fit to face the test costume.

Among the new fashion trends of the summer 2016 there are also shorts swimwear, a niche trend but that many brands have interpreted to make bathing more that there is a piece of glamour that can not miss in your suitcase. Continue reading “Swimwear Shorts, the Most Beautiful of Summer 2016”

Twitter Takes “Edited the Trending Topics”

They once commented to me that these lists of top searches on sites search were hoaxed. After all, where would enter pornography and piracy, which never appears in these lists? Simple: nobody admits, but it is removed by hand. And the same goes for the Trending Topics of Twitter, according to the company’s CEO, Dick Costolo. He answered a tweet (what else?) Commenting on the matter shortly.

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Friend Request on Facebook Sends Man to Jail

A simple friend request on Facebook made the American Harry William Bruder would stop behind bars. The reason? In the opinion of local authorities when ordering the social network the subject would be violating a restraining order that prevented him from contacting his ex-wife, Carole Jean Bruder, 61, who is separated for two years because of domestic violence.
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Monsoon, the Swimwear Collection for Children in 2014

How to dress the little house at the beach? Here is the new swimwear collection in 2014 dedicated to the girls and the children, the Monsoon brand.

We are getting closer to summer holidays and it’s time to bring the little ones to the beach, but how to dress? This year, thanks to the collection wing men’s swimwear 2014 for children and infants made by brand Monsoon, we will have to indulge themselves. Among the proposals of this beautiful season sprout swimwear two pieces and whole, without forgetting the accessories, which are indispensable in the hottest days so as to protect them from the sun, like robes, dresses, caftans, t-shirts, different models and shapes of glasses sunglasses, hats, accessories to put in your hair for girls, flip flops and sandals.

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How About Having the Aplicativo.App Address?

With the easing of domain endings, approved by ICANN in the middle of that year, it became much easier to register sites like http: //turismo.brazil/ or http: // search. Google /. The very subject name could be the TLD , technical form of call termination. A group of developers already thinking including how to take advantage of the new rules to encourage the spread of applications. They want to buy the .app termination.

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Google Releases Extensions Docs, Calendar and YouTube to Chrome

The Chrome is a browser Google (Really?). The natural thing would be that the Mountain View company include all types of possible integration with other services offered on the internets, but what we see is a slightly different approach: extensions that add functions to the browser. Already have an extension that checks for new messages from Gmail, and this week Google introduced several extensions, for Docs, Calendar and YouTube.

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Golden Point Swimwear Catalogue

The bikini by summer 2014 collections are noted for their bright colors and trendy patterns that characterize them. All brand specialized in the field of beachwear have reserved a prominent place to the two-piece costumes in their proposals, made models this year in uni versions together in a very intense nuances, but especially in those printed with floral patterns, polka dots or color block, all must have of the warm season in 2014. Continue reading “Golden Point Swimwear Catalogue”

Firefox and Chrome Have More Vulnerabilities Than IE

It is not today that browsers have bugs and programming failures. Some of them are serious security vulnerabilities and receive more attention than others. Still, companies that create them are always seeking new ways to try to encourage the hunting of these failures, especially with financial incentives. And now a security company made a list of browsers that had more flaws discovered in the year. Continue reading “Firefox and Chrome Have More Vulnerabilities Than IE”