Parah Swimwear Sale

Parah introduces the news of his collection of swimwear for the ‘Summer 2016, a line that stands among the most fashionable and feminine submitted so far by specialized brand in the field of fashion sea. To mark the collection are colorful prints, contrasting shades intense and refined forms, a proposal to find creations from classic forms beside intriguing novelties inspired by the trends of the season. Continue reading “Parah Swimwear Sale”

Rumor of the Day: Twitter Bought TweetDeck for up to $ 50 Million

The Twitter has been following for some time a tactical Google: buy companies that create good products instead of spending time developing his. So it was with the mobile app for iOS social network, formerly known as Tweetie, creating a company called Atebits. It was bought by Twitter that became the official client. Now the story can be repeated in relation to desktop programs, at least for Windows. Continue reading “Rumor of the Day: Twitter Bought TweetDeck for up to $ 50 Million”

Facebook Risks and Modifies Design Profile Page

One way that social network use to remain relevant and not stop in time is to make the so – called redesign. They move columns, change colors, make a housecleaning on the links to general functions and expect to please its users, the most difficult part. The Facebook ventured again in this area to announce a modification of the profile pages of its users. But it seems that this time they got it right. Continue reading “Facebook Risks and Modifies Design Profile Page”

Calzedonia Swimwear Collection Summer

Calzedonia introduces the news of his collection of swimwear for the ‘summer 2016, a line characterized by bright colors and printed patterns among the trendiest of the season. The brand adored by fashionistas around the world wanted for her beachwear line items glamor in shapes to suit all tastes, bikinis, swimsuits and trikini coordinated with equally unmissable sea fashion garments. Continue reading “Calzedonia Swimwear Collection Summer”

Zune Music Pass Starts up in Brazil

In some countries, Microsoft offers a service streaming music called Zune Music Pass. It works similarly to Rdio and Spotify: you pay a monthly subscription and you can listen to as many songs as you want, legally. And it seems that with the release of Windows 8on October 26, the Zune Music Pass will also be released to Brazilian, probably with the Xbox Music. Continue reading “Zune Music Pass Starts up in Brazil”

Google Releases Zeitgeist 2010: Larissa Riquelme Leads in Brazil

Every end of year Google collects your records of billions of searches made through the site to find out what were the terms most sought after by users. The findings are published under the name of Zeitgeist, which in German means something like ‘zeitgeist’. The company today released the Zeitgeist 2010 with more targeted data and graphics more detailed than ever. Continue reading “Google Releases Zeitgeist 2010: Larissa Riquelme Leads in Brazil”

H and M Swimwear Review

The collection of swimwear H & M for the ‘Summer 2016 is preparing to break many hearts, with its wide variety of shapes to suit all tastes, but most of all colors, prints and decorative details of trend. The leading Swedish giant in the field of low cost fashion is also this year among the most skilled in adapting the must-haves of the season to its leading articles, bikinis and swimsuits including: give them a closer look. Continue reading “H and M Swimwear Review”

Facebook Reveals Most Popular Updates 2010

In the footsteps of Google and Twitter, it is now the turn of Facebook reveal to the world the terms that dominated the updates of its 500 million users in 2010. This is the second time that the social network disseminates data in a survey that they call Memology for some strange and obscure reason. Continue reading “Facebook Reveals Most Popular Updates 2010”

Yamamay Swimwear Catalogue

The collection of swimwear Yamamay for the ‘Summer 2016 is also this year one of the most colorful and glamorous among those made by specialized brands in the industry, full of creations inspired by the coolest trend of the moment and ready to launch new ones. The brand loved by women around the world has included its new arrivals for the warm months bikini, trikini, swimsuits and beachwear garments absolutely irresistible. Continue reading “Yamamay Swimwear Catalogue”

Globo Puts Complete Soap Operas and News Programs on the Internet

Spectators faithful of the Globo TV programs can also watch them on the Internet. The announces a new service called + , which acts as a kind of Netflix for programming the most watched station in the country. Soap operas and talk shows are among the attractions that the subscriber watches directly from the computer, reports the station through its press office.

Continue reading “Globo Puts Complete Soap Operas and News Programs on the Internet”