Space Field of by Devil Speaker L in the Test

1300 euros, a good range would be the space field as a column speaker speaker L. With its intelligent network technology and the built-in amplifier electronics, it is even more than that – namely an unbeatably cheap complete streaming system.

Actually, it was a joke. Or better, trying to press, as a freshly baked HiFi Tester before tasks simply not so were me like other. “I love to check boxes”, my cunning offer in a theme Conference was therefore anno 2004 “as long as they have a network!” Continue reading “Space Field of by Devil Speaker L in the Test”

Sony Ericsson Xperia Active in the Test

Anyone looking for a rugged phone that visually no boredom is spreading, with the Xperia active at the right address.

It is a Smartphone for the gross: you must not touch the Xperia active with kid gloves. It can fall even from the table, in the Bach or out the window without having it just breaks down. Sony Ericsson has certified IP67 active, which means in plain language: the Smartphone is ideal for outdoor use, can stand his man so also on construction sites, stiffer shocks put away and likes in a mud puddle or in the snow land. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Xperia Active in the Test”

Samsung Galaxy Xcover in the Test

With his first outdoor Smartphone Samsung lands a direct hit – equal even though the display is not a highlight. The Galaxy Xcover test connect.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Xcover in the test
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Outdoor-smartphones are becoming more popular. Busy people often search no wonder through sporting activities to compensate for their stressful jobs. While the Smartphone as a constant companion should not be missed – finally the social contacts are maintained even in the free time and the favorite Web pages regularly checked. Samsung draws on a long tradition of outdoor phones, which have developed a reputation in the relevant circles. Now, the first outdoor Smartphone of the Koreans to favor of active users tout with the Galaxy Xcover for 349 euros. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Xcover in the Test”

Linn Akurate DSM in the Test

Linn Akurate DSM reaches highest HiFi Summit virtually single-handedly.

The term compact PBX would be known, not for decades it would have to invent him for Linn Akurate DSM. With the bulky music chests, which once claimed this term, and where HiFi elements often dubious quality rather fought each other as amended, the highly integrated devices of the Scots have but very little to do.

Already the network player amplifier Majik DSI offer new models for DSM Akurate and Klimax DSM synergy pur: Here comes together what belongs together technically, and the combined benefit is more of the potency of individual functions as their sum. Continue reading “Linn Akurate DSM in the Test”

Review: Yamaha RX A, 2010

This Yamaha owner must plunge for the first time in a sound bath with new rear presence. In addition, the RX is A 2010 (1400 euro) as an highendiger amplifier built up – with left – and right-sided large power amplifiers.

  1. Review: Yamaha RX A, 2010
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Not only technically, also literary Yamaha are inventive. The French Avantage (with a) means advantage. To Aventage (with e), one finds only the reference to the new Multicultural line of the renowned Japanese manufacturer on Google. Continue reading “Review: Yamaha RX A, 2010”

Becker Active 50 in Test

Becker in size: the 229 euro expensive active 50 impresses with great processing and balanced navigation services.

  1. Becker Active 50 in test
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Rubberised soft rear wall paint, a quality faceplate plus stable active holder with integrated cable guide: 229 euro Becker Active 50 makes impression at the first handle. In addition the pleasantly extensive facilities that little Miss Bluetooth Handsfree and map of Europe can be due to language input. Unfortunately, you have to buy to premium TMC about the somewhat complicated PC software. There is also a Kartenabo only at an additional cost – the competition, also made in-house, is somewhat generous. Continue reading “Becker Active 50 in Test”

Falk Neo 550 in the Test

The neo 550 is the new top model of Falk – still the price of 239 euro is so pleasingly deep as the services.

  1. Falk Neo 550 in the test
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At first glance the neo 550 not profoundly differs from its predecessors — but processing Falk has contributed to again detail work in many places, what proves the hand test: the unit is, apart from a few creaking noises, very stable, the speaker provides an amazingly powerful, sonorous voice and the magnetic holder keeps the device so, that you must tear almost with violence because , to remove the navigation system of the charging cradle. Continue reading “Falk Neo 550 in the Test”

Test: Piega Coax 70.2

Piega has the 2nd generation of the coax 70 (EUR 12 000 per pair) changed – and thus sonically much more than one should think really only the case.

  1. Test: Piega coax 70.2
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Six years gave it the coax 70 (test 10/10), and the elegant stand box was actually quite successful. “Basically“, says Piega developers and-Mitinhaber Kurt Scheuch, “would have nothing we do technically and sonically. “But there was much demand for a slightly different housing.” So, not much changed, but made in search of a new case. Continue reading “Test: Piega Coax 70.2”

Garmin Nuvi 2595 LMT in the Test

Super equipment at a fair price: the 219 euro expensive Nuvi 2595 LMT makes a top impression.

  1. Garmin nuvi 2595 LMT in the test
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LMT stands for “Lifetime Maps and Traffic” and means not less than that to 2595 never again must spend money on map updates or the traffic LMT at the 219 euro expensive Nuvi for the lifetime of the device. That alone would already be enough to parity with competitors, but Garmin grabs even the superb voice control for almost all functions from the top model 3490, a properly functioning Bluetooth speakerphone, as well as the new software guidance 2.0 in the device. That fits the TMC receiver plus antenna in the thicker charger, one for likes in purchase. Continue reading “Garmin Nuvi 2595 LMT in the Test”