11 Stylish looks with Fabric Pants

For a long time they were regarded as somewhat petty. It is a question of fabric pants of all kinds. Whether it is wide and high cut as a palazzo or with a waistband and crease.  However, the casual business trend, which characterizes the street style looks, proves that it is also different. Whether during the day at work or going out-the fabric pants have combined with sneakers and sweaters, great favorite potential. It is-in contrast to all prejudices-manifoldly applicable and looks really super modern. See for yourself in our photo gallery with eleven looks to fall in love: Continue reading “11 Stylish looks with Fabric Pants”

Fruit Decoration: 5 Items to Take Them Into the House

Forget the Swan carved in watermelon or melon bear. Let the Beautiful Cookbook Gil to there. No, it has nothing to do with detox or Carmen Miranda. We like the fruit is in the decoration!

In addition to vibrant colors, fruits are excellent patterns that can be applied in various corners of the House or in any environment, since the intent is to give a retro guy or fun. Objects in formats of fruit came with everything in pop culture. Remember the pinapple jar Dona Nenê, in “the grid”? This jar is disputed the tapas by prospectors of thrift store. Continue reading “Fruit Decoration: 5 Items to Take Them Into the House”

What Is the Best Tablet? Make Your Choice

Confused about choosing the best tablet?Well, know that this “war” between the manufacturers is only in the beginning.And this is great for you.

The most complicated is to define which tablet has the best format, weight, power, features, applications.I’ll try to help a little.

On one hand the iPad 2. On the other, the tablets with Android operating system:Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 “ (model GT-P3110), Google Nexus 7 (manufactured by Asus) and Sony Tablet S. Continue reading “What Is the Best Tablet? Make Your Choice”

Pebble Smartwatch Receives Import Ban In Germany

So, friends of the sun, you can unsubscribe your Smartwatch from Pebble for the time being and make friends with the idea, at least via the official shop, no device to get to Germany. For months there have been problems with the import, so some orders hang at the customs. It was true that only a few weeks ago we had the feeling that the problems were solved because of missing documents, wrong serial numbers, etc., but the story is now in a completely different direction. Continue reading “Pebble Smartwatch Receives Import Ban In Germany”

Plus Size Blue Dress Christina Hendricks – XL Dress

Check Out Beautiful Plus Size Blue Dress Options Of Christina Hendricks And Storm In The Club!

Christina Hendricks is an American actress, known internationally for your character in Mad Men, a series of TV. Its beauty is indisputable, being voted by readers of Esquire magazine as the sexiest woman in the world in 2010. Christina Hendricks does not fit in the inhuman standards of thinness of Hollywood. So she and your beautiful blue dress are the inspiration for today’s post. Continue reading “Plus Size Blue Dress Christina Hendricks – XL Dress”

Why Buy Underwear Online

Online stores came to revolutionize the market, in addition to providing more convenience and comfort to customers, that with a few clicks they can buy what they want and receive the products in your own home. If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why you must buy underwear online is a big plus for you! Continue reading “Why Buy Underwear Online”

Skirts for All

“This summer the dress and the skirt are extremely important,” says BRIGITTE fashion editor Melanie Grefer.
The expert explains what lengths and shapes are required, which shoes fit and how strong legs or calves look best. Continue reading “Skirts for All”

Very Heavy Backpack Makes The Spine Bad

A survey conducted by the National School of Health, an institution linked to Fiocruz, revealed that one in three Brazilians has back pain. According to the study, 36% of people over 20 years of age are affected by spinal problems, the most common chronic pain among Brazilians. The World Health Organization (WHO) has even more worrying numbers: 80% of the world’s population will suffer from back problems at some point in their lives. Besides the posture, a big villain for the young people who are part of this statistic is the weight they carry in their backpacks. Continue reading “Very Heavy Backpack Makes The Spine Bad”

Tips For Makeup Won’t Melt in the Heat

Summer is here, it’s always the same, high temperatures and makes falling due to a lot of sweat and heat, which eventually put down the drain, often, hours and hours of production, compromising your look. We will combine that many times until we give up a little more on make, precisely, in the light of this problem, there, there’s no glamour that resist! OK, we also found that summer has more to do with more natural beauty , face washed … but sometimes appear more formal occasions or fine dining that require greater care in production. Well, the good news is that now that has a solution, here are some tips to ensure that your makeup will last much longer, without leaving it look like a melted ice cream. Paper and pencil in hand, make a note of the tips: Continue reading “Tips For Makeup Won’t Melt in the Heat”