P2 Lost In Glitter Polish “End Up Glamorous!”

Hello my dears! At the p2 blogger event last week we were also introduced to the eight new Lost in glitter nail polish, which will be available in the p2 counters from September. The 50 “end up glamorous!” I could already try out and would like you not to withhold my enthusiasm.The varnish has a transparent base with many small silver glitter particles. In addition, it contains holographic shimmering glitter particles of varying sizes that sparkle in the sunlight.The photos, however, were created under the daylight, so imagine the sparkle even more intensely. Continue reading “P2 Lost In Glitter Polish “End Up Glamorous!””

Lace Blouse: From Classic To Modern

Extremely feminine and classical, the rent is a fabric that there are many seasons has shown versatility in your entire productions each more irreverent and democratic.
Although the fabric select presence in various kinds of parts, is in lace blouse that the fashionistas on duty has wagered to compose looks delicate and modern. Look at these inspirations: Continue reading “Lace Blouse: From Classic To Modern”

Yoga Playlists

This is a controversial subject.There are those who love music in class, there are those who hate.You have to use it, some people do not use it.There are those who defend their use, there are those who condemn.Well, with all my respect for Yoga purists, I use, love and not live without!Rsss … In fact, if it were to follow the tradition to the letter, it was not even to be charged for Yoga classes, right?Then … Let me use my little song that I do not hurt anyone! Continue reading “Yoga Playlists”

Winter Boots

Autumn Winter Boots Models and Trends

The Boots for Autumn Winter have great news, and anyone who has stopped to check the new models knows very well that, are models for all occasions, and also for all models and why you can not stop checking the news.These releases are already coming through every nook and cranny.Brands like Ramarim, Via Marte, among other models are already waiting for us too, and why you can not lose too. Continue reading “Winter Boots”

The Gloves on the Couch

Pardon Vinícius de Moraes, but need to misrepresent your poem. Goalkeepers? Better not be them. But if we are. How to know it? The little grass that dares to sprout under his boots knows it’s almost imperceptible the boundary that separates the poetry of suicide in the life of a goalkeeper. 10 cm to the side and that bridge perfect watercolor in plastically ares bathed by frantic flashes, can transform into a flight towards nothing, which is only interrupted by the sound of the ball whipped by the networks. Continue reading “The Gloves on the Couch”

Carol Celico Floral Short Dress – Summer Dresses

Check Out Floral Short Dress Options From Carol Celico And Inspiration On Summer Dresses!

Carol Celico is a brazilian gospel singer and socialite, best known for being the wife of the soccer player Kaká. Thus, due to the attention that your husband gets the media, Carol Celico is also often placed in the spotlight. For being a very elegant Lady, Carol Celico became synonymous with sophistication, merged by the discretion that your career as a gospel singer, and innovation in their looks. Continue reading “Carol Celico Floral Short Dress – Summer Dresses”

Does Samsung Develop A Sports Strap As An Accessory For The Galaxy S4?

According to Korean mediaSamsung will expand its range of optional accessories with the new Galaxy S4, including a device for measuring the pulse, the blood glucose and so on. Sounds a little off-the-wall, but it is not really so unrealistic. For the rumors should be true, it should not be directly medical accessories, but about a sports bracelet, as it is more and more fashionable and now also offered by sports brands such as Nike. That would fit the last year’s strategy, which was launched with the Galaxy S3, namely “designed for humans”. So it would even be a logical conclusion to expand this slogan further, this year with just attractive accessories for customers of all kinds. As with the suspected Smartwatch the sports strap should communicate via cable or wirelessly with the Galaxy S4, for which Samsung either brings a partner such as Runtastic in the boat or develops its own software. Continue reading “Does Samsung Develop A Sports Strap As An Accessory For The Galaxy S4?”

Common Food of Dogs and People!

Did You Know That There Are Many Foods That You Can Give To Dogs? Meet Some Of Them.

You’re eating and your best friend hope win a piece? Did you know that there are some foods that can be given to dogs? How about some of them and your importance to your health? Curious to know what they are? Then be sure to read this article! Continue reading “Common Food of Dogs and People!”

Essential Items For A Summer With Style

Here in Brazil it works more or less like this, little cold and heat all year round.

Nothing better than being able to enjoy all that heat, is spring or summer. For that, we must be prepared. With that in mind, we put together a wishlist of products indispensable in our closet.

Continue reading “Essential Items For A Summer With Style”