Company Dresses

Are you going to the wedding? Or will you just make something extraordinary out of a city tour? So is the company dresses the right place to search. You can get company dresses in every imaginable shape and designs. If that is what you need for the big wedding, so is the dress from the Goya brand perfectly. It is a combination of a tulle bottom with a life decked out in service. If you are looking for something that is not quite so eye-catching, is the black chiffon dress from Lipsy is just the thing. You can’t say company dresses without also saying accessories. Accessories for corporate dresses is incredibly important, this is where you can add a little more edge and personal style. This can be done by putting a couple of great-looking pumps in glitter to the black dress, in order to create clearer contrast. You can also put a nice bracelet or a colorful clutch from dudu to. The possibilities are many, and on this page, you can find just the corporate dress and the accessories you are looking for.

Company dresses Company dresses


Vintage Cowboy Dresses

In any denim enthusiast wardrobe, no doubt, there’s at least one cowboy dress. Cowboy dresses come in many different styles and designs, therefore, they are extremely versatile and can easily fit into most apartments. For example, a cowboy looking cloth for a party, so will a model from Pier One in black denim, be absolutely perfect. The model with the belt over the hip helps to highlight the female forms, as well as a very feminine look. Set the example, along with a colorful Pearl chain and a pair of mottled stilettos, and it’s the perfect look for a night out or for party. You can also go for a cowboy dress, with the same profile as the popular skater dress. This model can easily go to everyday, with a pair of white leggings underneath and a pair of New Balance sneakers. For cowboy dresses, you can always put a lot of accessories and different types of shoes, which can address the dress both up and down. You can use everything from necklaces, hair ornaments, clutches and beautiful bracelets.

vintage cowboy dresses vintage cowboy dresses

Prom Dresses 2016

It says prom night for the door, but you have not found the absolutely unique prom dress yet? So you don’t have to look no further, for here  you can find prom dresses in all shapes and colors. If you are looking for a specific color, because your partner and you must match, so it’s easy to use our search feature, so you can find just the right one for you. To the right prom dress, belong also the mandatory small handbag, or a small clutch, for example one from Emilio Pucci. Prom dress is nothing without shoes. It is a good idea to get, for example, style dishes and other accessories to fit together, so as to achieve a better synergy, at the same time, it should also fit together, for  your partner. A good idea would  get butterfly, Pocket cloth or shirt to match the dress. With the perfect prom dress, it could be you, going on to become prom queen.

prom dresses 2016 prom dresses 2016

Skater Dresses Plus Size

One would almost think that it’s something from an Avril Lavigne vide, but that is not the case. Skater dresses has nothing with skateboards and cool guys in the Volcom clothing to do. On the other hand, the name refers to the Ice skaters and this is where the skater cooler design has found their inspiration. Choose your new favorite on They are typically shorter, loose dresses made in brightly colored fabric with and without sleeves, often matched with a thin belt. A skater dress is perfect for a warm summer day with a pair of matching sandals, cold water and a stroll through the city. The past few seasons have skater dresses made their intake in more and more collections, and has become a must for anyone who loves donning fine dresses. Do you need change for the wardrobe and looking for something elegant and casual, that can be used for virtually all occasions, you should take at look among the skater dresses.


skater dresses plus size skater dresses plus size

Summer Dresses for Young Ladies

Approaching the summer themselves, or do you turn toward warmer climes? So come to choose your summer dress. A summer dress is light and airy and come often in materials, which are not too strong, such as silk, polyester and viscose. Choose your dress on our website. A summer dress can be used for virtually all occasions, and come in all imaginable colors and designs. For everyday use, you can put a pair of gladiator sandals and a smart hobo bag for a gaudy case from Desigual. If you are going out for a night in the heat of the summer, then they come also in more festive designs. For example, take a beautiful strapless summer dress in chiffon silk or the more shapes sewn from Mint & Berry. In order to practice top them up, you can always put a necklace with a pendant or jump in a few wild sandals with wedges. Summer dresses belong in every woman’s wardrobe, and on this page you can find exactly the one you cannot do without. You’ll also find a wide selection of other summer clothing and accessories, everything from the frivolous monokini for the cool  70’s sunglasses.

.summer dresses for young ladies summer dresses for young ladies


Party Dress Online

Looking for party dress that can make you the Queen of the night, then look no more. With Hoticle you can find prom dresses in all shapes and colors. Especially with party dresses, it is important to be unique and different. It is the fewest that want to see one with a dress similar to. That is why we have everything from the black essential, as all girls should have in the wardrobe, to the more fashionable sequin holiday dresses from mint & berry. In order to make the outfit more unique and give it more synergy, one can add mottled stilettos, or to give it even more edge, one can choose the wild earrings with feathers from Mi Lajki. Wherever you are looking for a party dress for a walk in the City Saturday night, or a dress to your friend’s wedding, you can easily find it here. With our search function, it is possible to find special party dress you are looking for.

party dress online  party dress online


Maxi Dresses in the Fall

Maxi dresses are great for any occasion. Many women prefer to use maxi dresses in the fall, as they mix second can be obtained in the light silk and jersey materials, which is airy and comfortable to wear. Maxi dress is easy to get over the Bikini, if one is on the beach and at the same time looking elegant and smart. But they can, however, be used for all seasons. They are available in so many beautiful patterns and prints, and therefore fit to all the different styles and looks. Maxi dresses go perfectly with all types of footwear, this is everything from high pumps, ankle boots to colorful ballerinas. They can easily be worn to a party, and you see even many well-known on the red carpet in this type of dress. They are easy to practice top up with a nice necklace or a chic marc Jacobs bag. Wherever you need to on the beach or to a party, then the maxi dress is a timeless and perfect alternative. Buy  maxi dress for women on

maxi dresses in the fall  maxi dresses in the fall

Men’s Sports Parkas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Men’s Sport Parkas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Cold, wind and rain cloud not the joy of outdoor activities; we offer sports men’s parkas for various claims in our BRIDGAT shop. It is characterized by a sporty design and functional equipment and processing. The longer fit typical for parkas ensures a pleasant wearing feeling especially in the cold season. Whether on long walks in the countryside or other activities in outdoor, men’s sport parkas from our BRIDGAT online shop are the ideal companion always.

Men's Winter White Duck Down Jacket Faux Fur Trimmed Hood Hidden Zipper

Optimum protection thanks to functional facilities

The wind – and weather resistance of the men’s sport parkas on the moisture-repellent and wind-resistant materials, the welded seams and a warm lining goes back. Often come particularly functional materials used which ensure an optimal heat and moisture balance. On some models, practical details such as adjustable cuffs or integrated Chin protection offer even more comfort. The hoods are removable or integrated in the collar. Another feature of many men’s sport parkas are several pockets in the inside of the jacket as well as outside.

Men's Winter White Duck Down Jacket Faux Fur Trimmed Hood Hidden Zipper


Plus Size Knit Dresses with Sleeves

Knit dresses are most useful when it is colder in the weather. The brugest, therefore, most in winter as well as overgangsårs times. Knit dresses are most commonly made of wool but also often combined with other mixed fibers. You can get knit dresses in all imaginable colors and designs. A sure hit this winter or spring, for example, is a wonderful knit dress from Sonia Rykiel, with a nice graphic print. Combine this dress with a pair of warm leggings, a pair of stylish ankle boots with wedges, and a smart big necklace and you have the perfect everyday outfit. Knit dresses can also easily be used for more festive occasions. A good idea would be to choose a dress that sits a little more body closely, which thus highlights the female forms. If one is not so much to it, one can choose a more loose fit, and dress the up with a wide belt around the waist. For both, you can put a few colorful pumps and if you have big spenders on a fur coat would fit perfectly into. Find knit dress on Hoticle.

knit dresses with sleevesknit dresses with sleeves

Jersey Dresses Plus Size

Jersey dresses are perfect for both everyday and festive. At the same time is jersey a great material. It is the optimal combination of comfort and style, and that is why it is preferred by women the world over. They come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. Take, for example, a Black jersey dress, a must have in any fashionistas wardrobe, add a pair of leggings, a chic bolero and cruiser it up with a pair of ankle boots from Rules by Mary, and you have the perfect spring look. Jersey dresses are perfect any time of year. For a nice summer day, is a gaudy jersey dress by Desigual, combined with a couple of airy gladiator sandals and a smart hat, the ultimate look. If there’s a city tour that calls or there is another festive occasion on the calendar, so will a faconsyet dress with a pair of mottled stilettos be the ideal outfit. They go for everything and for all occasions, so please come and find inspiration for your next jersey dress here on

V-neck Plus Size Sheath Dress Sleeveless Design Stripe Pattern Back Zipper V-neck Plus Size Sheath Dress Sleeveless Design Stripe Pattern Back Zipper