Pabobo Night Light

I chose to finish the week contest with one of my little darlings… At Pabobo, I love what they do, especially at night lights. I tried one of Barbapapa it some time ago, but I told you she was a little too bright for me.

So the day Emilie, of Pabobo, read the blog I was in misery and Mama Dearest Papa Poule to sleep, she offered to test the musical star projector ….

It’s a little too awesome box, which changes colors and does everything a ceiling starry sky. You choose to or not music, which comes in two volumes (not stupid, huh!) And afterwards you let yourself be lulled by all these stars above your head …

I became completely fan!

And suddenly, for wrapping up this week anniversary, you’re going to try to win this starry night Pabobo.

For this, you need

  • love my FB page
  • like that of Pabobo
  • tell me in comments that you would like to win that night (not to leave me the nickname FB with which you loved both pages).
  • Each share on social networks give you an extra chance to win.

You have until March 16, 2015 to participate. The draw will be conducted via random and the winner announced in Edit this article.

EDIT: The draw made via Random has appointed participation No. 154 as winner. It is Isa Vvat who wins this pretty starry nightlight Pabobo. Congratulations and thank you to her to send me a PM with contact information for the brand takes care of sending his gift!

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