Pabobo Barbapapa Night Light

If you follow me for a while, you know that at home, we’re fans ofthe pilot Stop Crying . One that reproduces intrauterine sounds for toddlers and babies offers several musical lullabies to the greatest. In addition to the musical function, we, it is used as a conventional burner. With its little blue light, it never made any black in my room and I love it…

But lately, I felt that Mama Dearest wanted to make him unfaithful to my baby burner. She kept zieuter pilot Pabobo Barbapapa

And again, this is the site Surfer Baby who met his expectations!

Last week, so we received a package with the famous pilot. Neither one nor two, it was trendy to put in charge.

It’s a crazy thing: it lights up when it is on its base!

So, I enjoyed myself so much to ask and remove, just to see it on and off.

And for once, I’m not scolding: With this pilot, no connection system with plug, so no ban! In addition, it not heated, so Baby can perfectly keep in bed at night.

Here, it will not. Because even if I like with a tiny light in my room,I tend to wake up not if it’s dark enough for my taste. And that night, she’s still lots of light.

So we will wait a few months before the really let available during the night. For now, I mainly have fun with in the evening.

But I heard Papa Poule say it would be perfect when I get a little bigger and I’ll need to get up at night to pee. Yeah, as it is wireless that night, and has an autonomy of 11 hours, I can take her to the toilet with me …

Strongly that I should be so great!!