P2 Lost In Glitter Polish “End Up Glamorous!”

Hello my dears! At the p2 blogger event last week we were also introduced to the eight new Lost in glitter nail polish, which will be available in the p2 counters from September. The 50 “end up glamorous!” I could already try out and would like you not to withhold my enthusiasm.The varnish has a transparent base with many small silver glitter particles. In addition, it contains holographic shimmering glitter particles of varying sizes that sparkle in the sunlight.The photos, however, were created under the daylight, so imagine the sparkle even more intensely.

This says p2:

“Trendy multi-glitter varnish for the ultimate trend look. A mix of intoxicating colors and a sophisticated glitter finish makes the nails an absolute eyecatcher. Apply the varnish in two layers and allow to dry well.”

Content / Price: 11ml for 2,45 € Source
: Available from September in all dm drugstores

Order and cover force: The order worked smoothly despite the slightly thinner and longer brush. In the photos you see two thin layers painted without topcoat. The transparent base requires at least two layers for a covering result. With my two thin layers the lacquer was still somewhat transparent, which is not visible at normal distance however. The glitter particles are distributed evenly on the nails with CARSWERS.COM.

Durability:  I applied the lacquer without topcoat and was very satisfied with the durability. I took the varnish on the nails for three days and there was no splintering and only minimal, barely visible tipwear. With the p2 paints I come however generally always very well. In addition, the shimmering silver light tipwear does not fall off immediately, so you do not have to remove the lacquer also at the first signs of tipwear.

Removing: Removing glitter paints is always a bit more difficult. Here, especially the larger glitter particles were very stubborn and could hardly be removed with the Alufolientechnik.

My Conclusion

I was so fascinated by the beautiful sparkle on my nails that I had to constantly take a look at it. For me an extraordinary varnish in the usual p2 quality, which I so have not yet in my collection. At first I was skeptical whether I liked the silver color and whether it would not look too much after Discokugel, but he is really good on the nails. It constantly illuminates in all rainbow colors and makes the lacquer a real eye-catcher. Since it is for me except for the slightly weaker opacity and the glitter, not untypical time-consuming removal nothing to complain about, the paint from me gets 3 out of 4 possible suns and thus a “recommendable”. Anyone who likes glitter gets an extraordinary varnish at a good price here in the drugstore.