Oversized: 13 Tips On How To Use

Large Pieces Known As Oversized Are A Super Trend This Winter 2015!

I confess that I love oversized parts and, believe it or not, once you discover the ideal formula of how to use can result in looks very elegant and full of style.

Check out these tips so that your oversized look is a real success this winter.

1-Balance The Proportions

When we use an oversized piece of clothing we have to take into account the balance of proportions. If the oversized clothing is from the top, like a sweater, a sweater, a yarn or a jacket so the rest should be adjusted to the body. Skinny Jeans and leggins are great choices for a casual look, now for something more formal opt for a tight skirt or pencil pants that aren’t jeans.

2–Use With Mini Skirts And Shorts

Well it works balancing oversized top with short skirts, mini skirts or shorts. It’s a way to compensate for the excess of volume which has at the top, however make sure that this does not cover totally the skirt or short, so avoid having that looks like it has nothing dress underneath.

3-Waist Tied

Waists tied up oversized parts can work out very well, especially in cardigans and some coats, but choose a belt with a reasonable width heavy duty, especially if the material is using is of a thickness thicker. Then combine your look with some skinny jeans or leggins and a pair of ankle boots.

4–Just A Piece Oversized

Ideal for maintaining a stylish look and style is only used a piece of oversized clothes. Make your piece oversized star of your look, this hint goes a little against the first, to maintain the balance of proportions.

5–Facilitate More Fluid Fabrics

It may not be easy to use a sweater or a tricot oversized without the look stay heavy! If you want to make things simpler then choose fabrics such as chiffon, silk or another that is more fluid and ethereal, which may be combined with leggins or skinny jeans. Finish putting some structure on the look with a blazer and you will see that this is going to work very well.

6-Compensate In Time

The oversized is undoubtedly a trend this season and a concern are the coats, they by dimension that have can simply swallow your figure, mainly people of low stature and thinner. So compensate with high-heeled shoes, they will lengthen your silhouette and restore the sense of proportion of your look.

7-Bottom Oversized

Oversized parts there is a clear trend of our focus go to the larger tops as jackets, sweaters, cardigans, blouses, coats etc. However you can also opt for bottoms like pantaloons, palazzo pants or jeans boyfriend (boyfriend jeans) that are also super trendy this season. In this case don’t forget to combine with tight tops, and if it is of a much shorter heels is super recommended.

8-Oversized Asks Simple Shoes

If you’re going to choose to use an oversized look so remember to use simple, graceful, minimalist footwear. So will get a look more stylish and with more style and in the same stripped.

9–Simplify Starting With Neutral Colors

If you have any doubts using oversized pieces follow basic advice, start with color block neutral parts, before moving on to bolder prints.

10-Look Bag Oversized

The bag more suitable for you to use in an oversized look is to be one that uses in your hand or arm.Forget the shoulder and lap throw.

11-Dispense The Scarves And Stoles

The oversized look with thickness thicker fabrics exempt the scarves and stoles, are looks that they want clean and minimalist. Prefer to use the scarves and escharpes in oversized more fluid fabrics looks!

12–Opt For Parts Designed For Oversized

Another tip that is important with regard to using oversized clothing is that it is usually better to choose clothes that are specifically designed to be of large dimensions, instead of choosing clothes large sizes that can leave your look a little sloppy.


Finally do not forget that the key to any look work is experience! What suits one person may not combine with another. If using oversized parts is a novelty for you, so do various experiments and combinations, that will help you figure out what best will be on you!

And do you have any tips of how to use oversized parts?