Over the Knee Boots

In the last article I talked about the Boot short barrel, today the tip will be how to use the boots over the knee, they returned with everything and are prone to this winter, so stay alert. Well, over the knee means above the knee, soon is the barrel goes up to just above the knee.

Formerly this boot model was associated with the future, was represented in several films by characters who lived in a society in the future or something of the kind, was also used in fancy looks like of the dancers and the character of Julia Robers in Pretty Woman. Recently they have won space and have become more popular, losing this stereotype created. Nowadays it’s not strange to be on the street and see one of these, for those who want to buy the model that are not lacking in stores and internet options.

According to naturegnosis, the over the knee boots increase the silhouette, leaving more long torso. I honestly don’t know, but it gets the information for the shorties. The look is not difficult, you can use with all kinds of clothes, the point is that the model is to appear when you use, so it doesn’t make sense to use a dress and hide the boot, when you’re pants cuff should be about the pants This is the proposal.

Let the tips of looks.

Really can you compose looks super nice with the over the knee boot, don’t forget the accessories! With winter the possibility increases, we can use a scarf, scarves, hats, scarves, and other. Attention to detail is paramount.