Outdoor Lighting – New Lamp

Many outdoor lights are from the HQL ban affected and must or LED system be converted to either an HQI. Of course, not the question which system makes the most sense is for us.

We Say It But Again: It Is The LED System:)

In the course of which we need also a new lamp head. How many Watts do I need for now? Beam angle? It should only just be simple as before! These are the questions and wishes that are each in the head. Here, too, it is unfortunately not always quite so easy but less difficult than you first thought. We want to offer only a small 1 X 1 to select the correct lamp and pay attention to specifics:

Type Of Light

First, you can tell that there are two kinds of outdoor light according to elwooddeals.net. Mast approach and pole-top lights. Approach lights are lights on the facade or a mast cross used to be (horizontal). Tower lights lights placed on a pole up above are, however, (vertical). The most lights can represent both these days. So-called “mushroom” light 360° and usually you find ways, old towns or parks. Mast head lights are more or less.

Attaching The Lamp

This is not to approach or essay, but rather the load-bearing component.

Example facade and wall bracket: here, usually a plate with a jib is directly attached to the facade. It is important whether the light also on the existing mounting solution up fits. For example the case of wall fixtures were vohanden, we had the old lights were however attached with brackets. The boom was too square for this reason. The GSL series required but, like almost any modern street light a 60mm bracket round. Here, a new fixture must be so constructed.

Tip: In most cases, threaded rods were embedded in the facades. This can be applied to almost whatever. When preparing the mounting should be taken only on the pitch. This saves a lot of time in the erection and therefore the costs. Another tip you can customize the attachment on the facade always in stainless steel. The extra price is low and you have peace with rust. Not dirty the facade so also in the future.

Lamp Wattage

The main theme for each new light. As the old lighting was planned sometime one has usually also something thought. Say standards and regulations should be observed “actually”. You can choose best good that whether or not you need slightly more power. But the following values are the basic value. In case of doubt, or the luminous efficacy to make something better, you can choose a level better.

75 watts = 30 watt

150 Watts = 40 watts

250 Watt = 50-60 Watt

400 Watt = 100-150 Watt

600 Watt = 150-200 Watt

800 Watt = 200-250 Watts

The height is also always an important factor. But rather is a theme for the next point.

Radiation characteristics of the lamp

Through a modern lens optics before the LEDs LEDs of different applications can be mapped with the same. A yard lighting must bespw. deeper in the place light much as a one-lane path lighting. The magnitude is indicative only what must be selected for a beam pattern. (Pythagorean theorem) All manufacturers have other optics and are therefore a little cluttered. But there are basically 4-5 characteristics.


Which is suitable for your own project opens up mostly alone.

PRICE of the lamps

Exciting topic. There’s also some differences such as day and night. 35 Watt lights for €1,000 are not uncommon and regularly shrug me. This Audacity! So expensive a little street lamp must not be easy. We also offer the street lights and are in a price range of 300-€1.000, which has the largest LAMP 250W! There’s always something cheaper and certainly also always something more expensive but the basic lighting design, build quality and the choice of LED chips, as well as the driver factors are decisive when it comes to the product.

Here are a few tips on what you should be aware:

The lamp is a modular or a part?

Both can be good but for maintenance, a modular design is always better.

Do the LEDs have a separate optics?

Absolutely important. Never buy a street light without optics. It is not just a waste of light, but also an aperture factor (for the neighborhood)

Which driver is installed?

MeanWell, PHILIPS and Invertronics are for example very good drivers. An integrated dimming would be highly recommended.

Method of fixing suitable for attachment and approach?

Today, this should be possible with a street light.

What is the luminaire efficiency?

One of the most important points! At least 120 lumen/Watt should be in there.

There are optional control options?

Daylight or time circuits are typically centrally managed. This is also the best. The possibility to retrofit such a thing should be but.

Of course the protection classes and IP are prescribed values. It is not yet among even me that something will fall below the statutory requirements.

MOUNTING of the luminaires

This is, of course, an aspect of the service. Either you have your own “House and home” electrician or use the Decorator. If you consider the tips from us you can avoid unnecessary costs and exclude a duplicate purchase. Installation costs are not our business, and to be examined also spot again and again. There are significant differences. But the easier you an electrician make it the cheaper is the Assembly.

We happy to submit an individual solution for your outdoor lighting, of course also with mounting solution and Assembly.There is always the stumbling block one or the other and if you ask, whether you are a customer with us or to be:), you can at any time contact. We will advise you competently and honestly.