Outdoor Gyms: 100% Free

Along with the arrival of autumn, afternoons begin to have cooler temperatures which is ideal for a pleasant workout routine in one of the nearest squares in your commune.

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This autumn is forecast with average temperatures above 25 °, allowing us to enjoy the afternoons outdoors before winter arrives. And what better than to perform a small exercise routine in the park?

Extensive work days and budget today are no excuses for not performing a small exercise routine of at least half an hour three times a week.

To know in detail some squares that have a complete free outdoor gym, go to the official website of the program Choose Live Healthy

To start exercising, it is necessary to preheat for about 5 to 10 minutes. “In total, since they begin to move until they finish with the final elongation exercises, they should spend at least 35 minutes,” said Dr. Mario Muñoz, cardiologist and head of the Sports Medicine Unit at the Hospital del Trabajador de Santiago.

This first stage of aerobic or cardiovascular exercises can be done in some treadmill, runner or elliptical machine. If the square does not have any of these machines you can jog through the sector. The second stage consists of exercising strength and musculature, for that it is necessary to use a rowing machine or bars.

Finally it is necessary to reinforce the flexibility and elongation, for this you need waist movements that you can do in the machines.

Come closer, try them on and see that it is not necessary to be a professional athlete to put aside the sedentary lifestyle and lead a healthier life.


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