Our Site Go live 1015 in the Test

The new flagship: Our site’s go live 1015 shines with good service and Internet-based Live services.

For those who like easy, will the our site go live 1015 ($299; Map data for 45 European countries) love: hardly an another Navi is easier to use – and at the same time so much comfort. Not more so quickly takes the porti who once enjoyed the Live services of the Dutch from the disk.

Easier it is hardly

No wonder, then, that our site go live 1015 not reinventing the wheel, but better is proven. The housing feels very elegant, the capacitive – responding to mere touch – screen allows for a prettier presentation than the touchview display of go live 825.

The menu is our site typical Spartan kept appealing icons designed and very large, so that the operation also in hectic situations work out.

Life with Live service

In terms of comfort no one is 1015 go live. The Live services that are included in the purchase price for two years are particularly useful. Displays all the Internet-based storage service HD traffic, the traffic with an amazingly high precision and timeliness. No wonder, because the data comes from the users themselves.

This cooperates our site with Vodafone and evaluates the movement profiles in the cell towers: crowd many Vodafone customers at one point, white one with very high probability that the traffic here falters. So also inner-city traffic jams can be very precise in the route calculation involving. The navigation system has integrated to a SIM card and receives the traffic reports via the Internet – in 22 countries at no additional cost. An advantage for those who have it continue to work or regularly long distances.

Also handy: The destination entry via Google, which you easily POI can – control via a real added value, because the POI database with up to date shines. Hotel search, which relies on the Expedia database, and the connection to Twitter, as well as the travel trip Advisor database are new. Nice goodies, but no more. Oh, Yes: The weather at the destination also shows the our site one.

Short-sighted map

The map may seem unkind something compared to other systems, yet brings an advantage with the reduction: the appearance seems overloaded at any time, but shines with overview. Everything can be good, both the bending points and the large-sized info boxes at the bottom of the screen and the traffic info bar right.

Foresight, however, is not the thing of the our site: the route is shown in relatively short, who wants to drive foresight must zoom less than the map. Exits and junctions but instantly informs the device and draws the card accordingly larger. Street names are announced, well prepared junction views and lane assistance shows where you must classify. There’s little surprise that convinced the quality of routes in the test, especially since the traffic service HD traffic right is almost always. Tip: If you buy a new Our site until January 14, 2012, gets three years free map updates.