Our site – Brand Profile

In the case of the mark Our site it is to this day a traditional family-owned company, which thanks to the Foundation of Our site OHG by the brothers Franz and Karl Our site in 1948 in Germany found its beginning. After the early years much 1959 the final decision the company consistently producing high-quality lingerie to align. The success of the brand of Our site is based to this day on the continuous evolution of the range of products and innovative processing techniques you are realized on the tailored especially for Our site machines in German, Portuguese and Hungarian production facilities.

For the brand of Our site CountessSleepwear the sense of well-being of the wearer in the meantime 6 product worlds called Our site fashion (about 15-€40) is, Our site lingerie (about 30-€70), Our site basics (approx. 10-€50), Our site Lounge wear (around 50-€80), Our site Nightwear (around 50-€80) and Our site sports (€40) in the Center.

The brand slogan “me, myself and Our site” following, while the customer can put together various combinations of the individual categories for himself and everyday use. Our site is specially designed for the smoothly processed rib (Our site edge / Our site Saumfrei) became famous and is today one of the most successful underwear brands of in Germany.

Not only an innovative, but also an environmentally responsible production considered, taking to relieve Our site various efforts to help the environment. The reward for the effort and investment was not long in coming and gave the brand Our site of the sustainability Award Gold Medal awarded by “Focus money” within the framework of the United Kingdom test.

If you so want to buy innovative processed underwear for everyday use with a clear conscience, then Our site on your shopping list should not be missed.