Original Ideas for Christmas Decorations

Christmas holidays are approaching! Yes, a little daily attention and bring a little Christmas cheer in their homes with interesting and low-cost decorations!

This beautiful autumn decorations made of candle and full of colors, is both impressive and inexpensive to manufacture. Get fit for purpose vessel – glass bowl, a large vase – and a layer corn, dried layer colors (cockscomb, light green dried hops, brown oak leaves). In so arranged bowl, place the candle in a glass (narrower than the bowl) together and place them in the middle of the bowl.

Turn Christmas symbol in a beautiful wall decoration. Make your Christmas tree of tiny balls and pieces of wire. Take stiff wire and constructed triangular frame similar to that of the image. Secure and cross pieces so that they are horizontal on base. Use a thin wire to make S -shaped hooks for ornaments. You can use miniature tree balls or make your own (painted acorns or nuts will do a great job).

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