Organizer For Your Room: Makeup Organizer

Using a wooden board old we can create this beautiful Organizer for your desk or room with small details and notes, it will be you cool and trendy because things made hand are the perfect way to decorate and exceed more than to its economic value.

So know you pon wave in your room and enjoy this idea DIY with your friends and family. Maybe you can make them? Then follows the video

1 wooden board
2. Paint slate (black)
3. cord (Pink)
4 denim
5 Pocket jeans
6 rivets
7 mirror
8 Cork
9 small tongs
10 stickers
11 tie (Pink)
12 silicone gun
13 chalk
14 scissors
15 pencil
16 bit for drilling holes


1.we will start to make some holes to pass the rope and hang it on the wall with the same.
2. then brush the table by the front of black slate
3. once painted and dry, place our rope holes entering on the one hand and pulling it out by the other, arriving at the end we will make a knot and glue our rope at the rear with silicone.
4 then we will draw the word My Live on a denim to then attach them to our Organizer and place him some rivets up to decorate.
5. to follow we will stick our Cork Board to the organizer and will put you clip a photo and post it to make notes.
6. now glue the mirror, also with silicone and will give an outline drawn with chalk.
7. in this next step, we cut three pockets of some jeans that you have and paste them down the mirror (
8. to finish we will decorate with some stickers and small forceps in the areas that we like the most, we will leave a small area in the center of the Organizer without put anything here is where we will write any messages with chalk.