Orange Launches The Plan Premium with Benefits That Include National Consumption and in Roaming

The Plan Premium for professionals of Orange It is the first response of the market following the launch of the rates for smartphones from Vodafone that include Free SMS and roaming consumption as new releases.

The new rate implies a stay of 18 months with a monthly fee of 79 euros/line that includes voice, SMS and all internet traffic such as navigation or generated by the use of the e-mail service (BlackBerry, Nokia email or Windows Mobile) with the limits outlined below:

  • In national territory: 100 SMS to any destination and time, 1200 minutes (maximum 150 different destinations) and navigation unlimited traffic (with speed limited to 128 Kbps as 1 GB/month and 64 Kbps from 5 GB).
  • In roaming (from zone 1): 100 minutes of calls received or sent, and 100 MB of internet consumption.

If you exceed these limits will apply a price per minute of 15 cents (plus 15 of establishment) and 15 cents per SMS on national territory while roaming the current basic rates apply.