Operation Bikini

With summer around the corner and the first rays of Sun, comes the concern not to be so shaped how we would like to. We also remember the excesses that we have been dragged from Christmas past, Easter or that sportswear carrying intact inside the Cabinet for too long. So, it’s time to get down to work!

To do this, today we bring you a very simple circuit, just 20 minutes and that will mobilize our body fat while we tonificamos our muscles.

The circuit, which we will repeat four times, consists of four exercises. We will make each one of them for 50 seconds and rest 10 before moving on to the next. Once finished the first round at the circuit, with its four exercises and their respective breaks, there will be a minute of recovery. The latter will be active, i.e. we will reduce keystrokes and we recover from fatigue while we trotamos. To do this, it is important to adjust the speed depending on how tired we are. Therefore, the more tired we are, slowly trotaremos we to allow recover and thus return to the circuit again with force. Go for it!

First exercise:

Climbers: depart from bending position, supporting the two palms on the floor to shoulder height and proceed to bring the knees to the chest in turn keeping a good pace.

Strides with jump: will give a step forward with one of the two legs, and will build on tip toe back. Once in this position, flexionaremos we the knee of the front leg to form a 90 degree angle. The knee will be at all times at the height of the heel, and we will keep back perpendicular to the ground throughout the exercise. We will then exchange the legs of position with a jump, and will make the same movement. Repeat this process for 50 seconds.

Skipping: in this exercise, we will raise knees towards the chest in turn without us starting site. We will accompany the movement of the legs with the arms, mimicking the position of career. If you want to increase the intensity to the exercise, you can catch weight in each hand but not be excessive since it is a fairly intense exercise.

ABS: we will place lying face-up on a mat, putting the arms cross in order to thus maintain the balance more easily.We’ll both legs with knees drawn up to put them perpendicular to the ground and proceed to make circles with legs: keeping your legs stretched, we will be lowering them closer as much as we can to the ground, and then approach the knees towards the chest. Once there, we will return to the initial position by stretching the legs toward the ceiling and repeat the process. We will maintain throughout the year back attached to the mat to avoid overloading the lumbar.

As you can see, they are very simple exercises that involved many muscle groups, so it is a very complete work. You can start with a couple of sessions per week and gradually increase over time to three or four. It only requires 20 minutes of your time and will do you lack neither material nor space. So wear your sportswear and join operation bikini with us Bikinirevival!