Operation Bikini: Still Time to Leave the Body in Shape

The strong sunlight and heat announce the arrival of the most awaited season of the year: the summer. And, with warm days, women wearing short clothes, and take care of even more of the body. Not to mention that soon begins to Beach season-perfect time to rescue bikini wardrobe.

This is the time that many women realize they overdid it in the winter months, with those Getaways on diet and many fouls at the Academy. Even so, there’s no need to panic! There’s still time rather run after injury andleave the body in shape for the summer. “The trick now is to look for activities that might increase the daily calorie expenditure and accelerate metabolism, such as running, weight training, walking, cycling, swimming, among others,” believes the fitness coach Fabricio de Carvalho Bastos.

The specialist explains that there is no miracle formula to make the body fit in so little time. “But if the person does a change in power and able to keep a good frequency in a physical activity for sure will notice some positive results in your body until the summer,” guarantees.

Burning Calories

Simple attitudes on a daily basis how to replace the elevator the stairs can help in weight loss and those unwanted flab. Reduce car use in the not-so-long distances or go to work by bike can contribute to the goal with the lean body in the hottest season of the year. “This is the moment to circuit training, combining strength and resistance exercises. It’s a great way to increase caloric expenditure and even toning the muscles, “explains the physical trainer.

Of course, it takes more than intensify the physical exercise routine. “Food is key, regardless of which is the goal. It is vital that she be suited to what the people want or need. It is also important to choose foods, like leaves and vegetables, in addition to ingest enough water and natural juices. Otherwise, all the effort with physical activity may be being wasted, “said Bastos. So the recommendation is simple: control the food and do exercises at least four times a week.

Beware Of Overdoing It

Even with commitment and dedication, it’s good to keep an eye not to overdo it at parties of fraternization of the work, among friends and family that are common at this time of year.

After all, the celebrations come accompanied by food and drink that are not healthy. In these cases, do not be discouraged and neither will pass: just consuming everything in moderation. “The exaggeration can compromise.You don’t have to be antisocial, but worth it easy so that the consumption moments of joy this time of year does not entristeçam the summer! “, concludes Bastos.

Source: itypejob.com