OnePlus One Update in Time for Its Launch

The OnePlus One is getting closer, and one of the most anticipated devices of the year could not become with a little fine-tuning software, detail which many complained of press units able to test them.

Already own Cyanogen Team had warned him, and is responsible for the development of the exclusive version of CyanogenMod installed the One confirmed with latest innovations that It was to Polish the firmware with a view to the launch of the terminal.

Well, Cyanogen has just released an update for the OnePlus One It will arrive just in time for the commercial launch of the device, scheduled for June, and that it will serve to correct some of the more important bugs that suffered the version of CyanogenMod on Android 4.4 of the Chinese terminal.

The own OnePlus has been responsible for request the correction of certain aspects that were considered below the level, as the audio of calls, which has been improved, in addition to recording video, which now will capture the sound in stereo.

Behind the Scenes: A quick look at our first batch of #OnePlusOne our site/Rxi57V8b9Z our site/XoqIiycreL

— OnePlus (@oneplus) may 29, 2014

Also fixed glitches graphics, as well as improve the fluidity and the stability of the system by eliminating errors which had forced the closure of certain applications at certain times.

However, are still in the pipeline other details to fix, as the response of the touch sensor of the display, the backlight of the front buttons, almost non-existent, or the command voice to wake up the deleted moment of the software of the terminal device.

Either way, and although the device at the moment only has been sold to eyedropper in China, it seems that the Cyanogen and OnePlus team are prepared to listen to the community and solve the problems that arise, so quickly We should not fear for the update of the device support, at least for the time being.

When will come to our markets is another thing, though OnePlus was personally responsible for heating the environment teaching in his official Twitter account, as we see, the first batch of OnePlus One ready to be sent to his first and fortunate buyers.