Omega House Rio

All of my blog posts contain my personal comments, reviews and opinions: unthinkingly to accept press releases is not really my thing (enough for other sites and blogs, which is partially not even make the effort to adapt the grammar and even plump “we” in the press release of the watch manufacturer assume that do that).

I got 2016 some press releases from Omega since the start of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, reporting live from Rio. The Vorabankündung to do this, let me hope more on background information fortime measurement in the different disciplines, but the focus was clearly on the so-called Omega House.

Whether or in what form I write about the Omega House in Rio de Janeiro, was not clear to me. However, would I now my very own mustard to this topic from…

The Omega House at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016

The Omega House is a mad lavish mansion for invited Omega brand ambassadors and stars of the Olympic Games. Swimming star Michael Phelps, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio or actor Eddie Redmayne (the discovery of infinity, Jupiter ascending) are only a few names on the well-stocked guest list of the various parties.

In the press release, the House is described as follows:

From the moment you step inside, OMEGA HOUSE in Rio is designed to take you on a journey. From opulent shorelines to the brand’s iconic past Mediterranean, the design is a true masterclass in international luxury.

From the category of “too much information” was me in an other press releases by the way even the dining plan the space theme party within the framework of the visit of the second man on the Moon (Apollo 11, 1969), Buzz Aldrin, served.

Planet skewers: Fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil with a balsamic drizzle
Sliced beef tenderloin with a “blue moon” cheese polenta
Space chocolates and brigadeiro orbs

OUTER SPACE (vodka, citrus and grape or orange tang)

Also welcome gifts in the form of the latest and personalized models for the stars and starlets may not be missing, what was quite critical in social media:

The Omega House in Rio 2016: A reasonable brand image?

The crucial question is short and brief:

Is such a brand image appropriate given the extensive problems relating to social inequality, economic crisis & co. in Rio de Janeiro?

Please don’t get me wrong: I would like to here not the moral leg swing and I am positive the brand Omega.

Nevertheless I would like to suggest to think about whether the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer wouldn’t you rather should have gone another way and whether the whole Aristo Micki cocktails, glamour, free watches and “sliced beef tenderloin” is not something too much of a good.

On the one hand, it is of course understandable that remains true to its line of Omega and House wants to underscore its ambitions with a place such as the Omega, although me personally as the Down-to-Earth vintage space image around in the the Omega Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’ significantly more appealing.Luxury exaggerated to showcase at the Omega House in Rio is my opinion after interchangeable and any and will likely bring some Omega fans not just many brownie points.

On the other hand you must ask yourself also at Omega: had you given the immense political and social problems in Rio not a plan B must have? In particular the stark social inequalities in Rio will be addressed again and again by various media:

The world headlines such as:

Exclusion in Rio: Welcome to the Olympic world

… and concludes:

The organizers have powerful settled the stuff, to make a sympathetic party pad from the Juggernaut in southwestern of Brazil, which holds at least 17 days.

In short, The poor population in Rio is to destroy not the appearance of the heal Olympic Games world. Many images like this one went through the media and underline the media reports:

Michael Phelps attended by Omega-sponsored school.

Actually quite good sound, or? There, too, the stars and brand ambassadors their watches into the camera lens could have halted. The contrast of the Omega House on the #OmegaVivaRio projects and the problems in Rio would be anyway, not as big as he is now – and also have enough time at the next Film Festival or the like would have been for luxury to the show .

A very charming example, where it is connected to social commitment with the image of a luxury watch manufacturer, IWC Schaffhausen is:

Since 2006 has been IWC Schaffhausen issued several limited watch editions in honor of the Laureus Sport for good foundation. Each of these collectibles has one exclusive engraving on the back, which goes back on a winning design of painting competitions, organised by the IWC for the children taking part in the Laureus projects. Thereby, the children with artwork on a given topic should show how it has influenced the project and inspired. The number of clocks per Edition is limited, for every sale, IWC donates a portion of the proceeds to the Laureus Sport for good foundation. Published by IWC and lavishly illustrated book “let the children play» renowned authors and photographers documenting ten projects that are supported by the Laureus Sport for good foundation. In the Switzerland, IWC has supported significantly Schaffhausen the establishment of a national branch of the Laureus Sport for good foundation. For more information about Laureus projects see: