Objective: I Need To Get Into That Bikini!

Officially, the summer begins June 21. That gives us time to start preparing our silhouette, but ojo!, is shortly to start to wear less clothing. This means to let in evidence that not reafirmadas areas of our bodies and it is clear that we will not get without effort, as well as, 3, 2, 1… kick off to the great aim: I need to get into that bikini!

We must have healthy habits so that our body starts to notice the effects of sport and also reflects health, therefore very important to eat a varied diet but as healthy as possible, drinking much water, rest between 7 and 8 hours every day and most importantly: be very motivated.

I have spent years fighting against the operation bikini buying from Vintagematters, trying to thousand types of anti cellulite creams, burn fats, etc.;but one thing I’ve learned during this time is that there is something I can do without having to spend the fortune that had so far: swimming. Surely you’ve heard many times that swimming is one of the most recommended sports to keep the line. And why? Because the resistance of the water is 12 times higher than that of the air. In addition the water also has a draining effect to shake legs: crawl-style back, exercises with table, etc.

Without concrete accessories swimming is a sport that refines the silhouette. To force batting and exercises accompanied by accessories, the draining effect of the water acts on the silhouette. So, with a traditional training of swimming for a minimum of 45 minutes twice a week, you will achieve the efficiency you are looking for. Train twice a week is the least you can do to make the body to get used to the effort and achieve a certain regularity. Obviously, you progress more and gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts can propose you increasingly ambitious objectives.

In parallel to traditional swimming sessions, exercises with accessories can help you lose weight gradually. On the one hand, the short-finned guarantees a good frequency of batting and requires a higher heart rate. The movement is very similar to the ‘natural’ movement and allows you to concentrate the effort on the muscular reinforcement and make work the abdominales-gluteos.

On the other hand, the flap long, guarantees one greater effort and a more intense feeling of slippage during practice.These fins require muscle effort and do all the leg work.

If you are looking for is to strengthen all the muscles of arms and legs recommends an accessory that is as complete as the pull-buoy. A pull buoy is a species of swimming used float to work exclusively in the front crawl arms and arms and wiggling in the style breaststroke and butterfly. The pull buoy Word translates literally as you buoy to shoot because it serves for working the first part of the movement of the arm, at the time that the swimmer pulls, along the upper part of the body, before the momentum along the thighs. There are two types of pull buoy, we have the traditional and the pull kick, which serves float and table of swimming. The upper and lower part of the body during a same training we work with this accessory.

Finally, say that in practice it can be very useful to use a table of batting. With this single accessory you have to concentrate in the lower part of the body and abdominals. To do this, you can perform different types of exercises that will work at the same time different parts of the body (abdominal, thigh, buttocks…) and will prevent you to get bored.

Now there is no excuse to start to put the body to tone, are you waiting to start your training?