Novelty in O: Android Applications May Discard Their Own Notifications

Android or has proposed to offer us a notification bar as clean and practical as possible, to show the notifications that are really important in the moment in which we are seeing them.

No good unlock your device screen and see notifications that have no sense that there are because the information has “expired”. For example, it is useless to a notice that you report that a bid or offer is about to expire if when you see the notification already completely after.

Fortunately, Google has thought about this with the next major update of our favorite operating system and Android or be dismissed from those notifications that are useless after a certain time Thanks to the applications may discard its notifications after a certain time.

The Android or API allows developers to set a time to expiration notifications that were not yet seen or discarded by the user. In this way, if there is a notification that alerts you that in half an hour just your bid, if user has not seen in that half an hour or canceled the notification, automatically will be canceled to spend that half-hour, to for example, and only show you notification of the bid has ended.

This new development next to the option of postponing or Android notifications will avoid having to see notifications that should not be there because we have seen them later either, because they have come to us ahead of time and we want to bring us back to arrive later.

If you already have Android or in your Nexus or Pixel you can try these temporary notifications with the Tasker application with the AutoNotification plugin now. In the video above, they have created a temporary notification with this plugin.