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Choosing a good Twitter program for Nokia phones is not so simple when it’s on Android or iPhone, unfortunately. Maybe this story would change for the better if Nokia really decides to use Android in their new handsets. A Nokia with Android would be too much. Unfortunately or fortunately, Nokia chose to use Windows Phone, and was purchased by Microsoft, which has greatly reduced the chances that it will use Google’s Android operating system. A feather!

Twitter for Nokia phones

Meanwhile, the tips here on the site can greatly help anyone looking for Nokia mobile apps. These tips are mainly for those who want to give a new life to an old smartphonewith Symbian. It is a good use for an old handset, use to keep you updated with Twitter information.

TwimGo for Symbian

A good program to use Twitter on your Nokia is TwimGo. It is based on Qt and works on mobile phones with Maemo and the traditional Symbian operating system. TwimGo has the following features:

New icons and new colors

Auto login and automatic updating of tweets

Enhanced Twitter API support

Visual indicator of new tweets

Several bugs have been fixed

To use TwimGo you need to install Qt 4.7 first.

All of this can be downloaded from Symbian forums, which is very easy to install later. Just do not forget that you have to install the Signed application(with subscription) to not have many problems and installation conflicts for your device

After installing and testing this application on your old cell phone, please tell us what you think about this Twitter program for Nokia phones!

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