Nokia 500 in the Test

The Nokia 500 is one of the cheapest touchscreen smartphones with operating system Symbian OS Anna. In the test, we reveal whether worth the purchase.

With the 500 Nokia next to the new Windows phones offers also new food for the Symbian fans 7.5 Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 – and she should still give it despite the flood of Android smartphones. So the 500 offers, is to have that without a contract for slim 219 euros, the current entry in the world of Symbian Anna – the most recent version of the bedrock of all Smartphone operating systems.

Smarter look, small screen

The 500 is very compliant with its compact dimensions. That it is targeting a more younger buyers, seen when opening the packaging. To the buyer in addition to the data cable, charger and stereo headset is also two additional colored back sections giving PEP the black housing. For the very fashion daring, a white variant of the Nokia 500 is available. Anyway: the combination of glossy front and back matter has its charm.

In the otherwise impeccable processing had something thin display cover is striking is greatly due to contact. Ugly Moires however did not enter in test mode. At all which emits capacitive touchscreen to a mixed picture: the size of 3.2 inches brings today more anyone behind the stove, and the brightness of only 163 cd / m2 is no cause for joy, but reason for criticism.

Symbian Anna convinces

Symbian has a rather mediocre reputation despite or because of the enormous scope of the function. “Unbedienbar and slow” here is an often heard ruling, which applied in the past in many ways, is refuted by version Anna.

Powered by a 1 GHz processor does the Nokia 500 Scrolling or zapping through the menus at a brisk pace. In addition, it offers an enormous variety of customization options for the three main levels. Upcoming events, different E-Mail accounts, shortcuts and messages from social networks can be directly displayed.

Also the main menu presents itself with its modern design icons tidy. It is called via the Central handle underneath the display. A beautiful anachronism in the age of the sensor buttons: The buttons to start and stop a phone call are also as a real Button.

The equipment is top in light of the favourable purchase price: HSPA + provides fast data transfers from and to the network. As a special treat, the 500 with “Nokia maps” has to offer a worldwide free onboard navigation. The programs of Sports Tracker and battery monitor deserve kudos.

A Skype client is on the 500 is also pre-installed. You can download more apps directly on your smartphone from the Ovi store and drop in internal memory full less than 2 gigabytes. On the missing persons list, only Wi-FI is fast n standard.

Strong reception values

The Nokia 500 in terms of facilities and handling with the defy + and the M wave provides are neck and neck, so it must let the competitors in the laboratory of. The typical endurance is only 2:51 hours, and also the talk time is not great with up to ten hours in GSM mode. Differently it looks Fortunately at the reception: here, the Nokia earned 500 top marks, as well for the acoustics.