Nike Launches Your First Collection Of Sportswear Plus Size

After much appeal of consumers, the Nike finally has extended your sizes and grid launched a fitness plus size collection. Yessss!

In a statement, the sports brand explains the decision:

“Nike recognizes that women are strong, bold and more open than ever. In today’s world, the sport is no longer something that she does, but who she is! The days when needed add “feminine” before “are over, athlete says mark in official message. “We need to feed this cultural change, celebrating the diversity of these athletes, from ethnicity to body shape”.

Spy Some Of The Pieces From The Collection:

Lucky for us, the Nike promises to not simply increase the size of the pieces, but rather think of modeling work for larger bodies. And we know that this is just a difference, huh?

“When we designed the plus size, we’re not provided only our products at larger sizes. This does not work, as we know, because the weight distribution of each is different, “explains Helen Boucher, Vice President of women’s apparel for training.

From what I see of the items shown by influencers Grace Victory and Danielle Vanier, what can be expected with most basic pieces, but who do not leave the side design. A request for the forthcoming collections, Nike: can put more color and more prints you love too, okay? But we’ve seen that’s going the right way. The collection is now available for online purchase, so far only in version gringa – and we hope that soon landing here!

Who is curvaceous, chubby or fat even know well: if it’s hard to find clothes for day to day, what will look to work out? Is very very complicated. The stigma of that fat doesn’t mesh extends there too: my impression is that the fitness brands simply ignore us and needs clothes to go to the gym, playing sports, dancing, running in the street.At least, until now.

For a next post on fact, the blog will go back to being updated more often, promeeeto!), which plus size brands with fitness collection that you like? Account in the comments or in the Face of Plus more, okay?