Nexus 10 X Ipad Retina:the Advantages of Google’s Tablet

The iPad was released in 2010.

Until recently, no tablet had managed to get close to its qualities and its cost/benefit.

But in these almost two years much has changed.

New processors have appeared, new screens and Android – the operating system that rivals Apple’s iOS – has improved a lot.

Now you can say that some tablets can really compete with the iPad. Among is the Google Nexus 10, released on October 29.

Simple. And with footprint

Unlike Microsoft (with Surface) and Apple (with iPads) Google has a different strategy.

The Nexus 10 – manufactured by Samsung – is simple, without many frills.It has no keyboard docks, protective covers, or table top support.

Google focused on the processor, the screen, the building architecture, and the operating system.That simple.

The design of this tablet is not there great things but the design of the iPad is also getting a bit dated.

Even so, the ergonomics pleased me.It has large edges that wrap around the canvas, and this is good for a better “footprint”.

Numbers That Impress

Putting the Nexus next to the iPad 4 (Apple’s latest model) the Google machine wins on several items.

For starters, at screen resolution: they are 2560 x 1600 pixels (300 ppi/pixels per inch).The iPad 4 has 2048 x 1536 pixels (264ppi).

The advantage follows in the numbers of the processor.The Nexus comes with a dual core, 1.7 GHz, with 2GB of RAM.The iPad 4 comes with a dual core, 1.4 GHz and 1GB of RAM.

As I said in other posts, larger numbers do not reveal everything.

But by the first videos that appeared on the internet, there is no doubt: the Nexus 10 is really fast.

The best of each

In one item the Nexus 10 is unbeatable: the price.The Google tablet comes off the shelf for $ 399;Or iPad 4, for $ 629.

So the victory, of course, stays with the Nexus …

Not yet…

The iPad still has the best operating system and best app store.And that’s not enough!

The Apple tablet also continues with the title of best built among mobile devices.

It’s your choice.