New to the Apple iWatch

Next year comes out the iWatch? Sony has two released, Samsung only one and perhaps there is also an Apple – there is talk of the Smartwatch. Both Sony and Samsung continued the success of the watches which can be controlled also its Smartphone, in borders, although all claim that the Smartwatch is the big trend of the future. Auch Apple does believe in it, as it seems – and who knows, maybe the Yankees could succeed with their Apple iWatch again?

The Smartwatch is future – at least Apple believes. And Californians are well known for innovation. Apple is but how Samsung and Sony, because the Apple iWatch jump with his Smartwatch probably not on the same train to be a simple iPhone accessory, if one may believe the rumors that are circulating.

Apple not commenting on the rumors of a iWatch though, but it seems to be that one works in Cupertino on an Apple iWatch now a fact. The Apple iWatch should be but no pure accessories for the iPhone, but can much more: according to internal sources that Apple should as a stand-alone device without iPhone iWatch work and take control of various things in the budget as the main task. The Apple iWatch could control the alarm system, the light and the heater in the House for example, the stereo system, and serve as a universal remote control for the home, which you wear on your wrist. Insider information anyway, report that the Apple had iWatch far more potential to be as just an accessory for the iPhone.

What do you think? Were you iWatch practically an Apple, which serves as a universal remote control for the budget? Write us your opinion to the Appel iWatch!

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