New Technology in LED Lighting

Looking for the economy to bail out its accounts, the Japanese giant Toshiba Electronics stops production of white LEDs. A decision that is part of a major restructuring of its loss-making activities.

It’s over the ambitions of Toshiba in white LEDs. The Japanese electronics giant has decided to stop its production in this area. The decision will be effective at the end of the year.

A new technology of LED

Toshiba is a relatively new player in the white LEDs used in lighting. It came on the market in 2013 with innovative technology jointly developed with the Californian Bridgelux. Its components are manufactured, not on substrate carbide silicon or quartz as is the case for the traditional LEDs, but on substrate of silicon, cheaper and available in larger sizes. This technology is expected to reduce costs, thus raising the main obstacle to the trivialization of LED lighting.

The Japanese group was built on that advantage to win quickly in a market dominated by compatriot Nichia, Korean Samsung and Germany’s Osram. With the ambition to capture 10% of the global pie in 2016. He will have to forget this dream.

Transfer to Sony image sensors

Shaken by a financial scandal (makeup of Auditors to minimize losses in television, computers and electronic components), Toshiba is engaged in a major restructuring of its loss-making activities. The objective is to replenish its accounts focusing on the activities of the recipient.

This is why he retired from television in Europe and North America for the benefit of the Taiwanese Compal, and refocused its personal computers on the market. It also comes to conclude an agreement with Sony to give its image sensors and its manufacturing plant in Japan.

Philips to market withdrawal

In the LED lighting, Toshiba is facing negative outlooks. The context is hardened with the offensive of the Chinese market in the sector. Philips, one of the historical actors in the field, had to review its position and sell this year its activity LED to the Chinese investment fund Go Scale Capital. As the American created, another actor in the market, he wondered about his activity LED. The investisseeurs press to remove to then sell. The LED market no longer seems to be the gold mine so much hoped for a few years.