New Meters LED Lighting

Since the beginning of March 2016, LED AND SPA have signed a new exclusive distribution agreement of a new range of analyzers and light meters LED manufacturer ASENSETEK, one of the most prestigious worldwide and allows us to offer a new range of indispensable professional products in the field of lighting, especially for professionals in the LED industry.

The new range of espectrofotocolorímetros Lighting Passport Pro Manufacturer Asensetek, consists of a total of 3 models and for all kinds of professionals, encompassing from small businesses to electrical installations to large companies in the wholesale lights and television industry, there being a model for each adjusted to the real needs in their daily lives.

The model Lighting Passport Pro Essence is the cheapest of them all, something that does not involve a low performance, since this meter LED is capable of analyzing any light source and get no less than 84 measured values , among which find some as essential as the CCT (hue of light), flicker (lighting flashing), CRI (color rendering index) or LUX (illuminance), all in a device small, very light and with connectivity Bluetooth for transmission any data in real time operating system Smartphone with Android and iOS.

As a mid – range model exists Lighting Passport Pro Standard , which extends the capabilities of the model Essence (best optical resolution, better accuracy, function continuous measurement, Data Filter function …) and adds more lighting measurement values as Purity or Width of dominant band, among others. In addition, it included free with the PC software (Windows systems) Spectrum Genius PC Standard, valued at 199 €, which lets you manage all data collected by the photocolorimeter directly to your computer.

And for those more advanced users, version Lighting Flagship Passport Pro is the perfect solution. A device extremely high performance , for professional use, and marketed (optionally) with an iPod touch to create a solution ‘all in one’. This version integrates Flagship advanced Flicker sensor , temperature and humidity sensor, a longer battery autonomy and measurement mode, still, more accurate.

Additionally, all versions Lighting Passport Pro Manufacturer Asensetek work with a wide range of Apps, available for Android and iOS, which you can see in this list of Apps for Asensetek, among which some as Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (SGAL), intended to control lights horticultural produce growth and houseplants in a more efficient manner, and Spectrum Genius Transmitance (SWG), which provides a user friendly interface and complete information to check the transmittance of the device.