Name Bracelet

Custom jewelry is currently again very much in the coming.Above all, name bracelets and name chains.Today I would like to introduce you the name bracelets – as I think, an ideal gift or as a fortune-maker.

Custom jewelry – name bracelets

Name bracelets are available in many variants.Whether with letter beads, name bracelets with engraving or as lettering.Bracelets with individual messages are simply sugary.The beauty is:It does not always have to be a name that can be read on the bracelet, but it can also be a message.

Name bracelets as a gift

Bracelets with names or their own message can not only be given to oneself.For me, these name bracelets are a wonderful idea to make others happy – and in a very personal way.Such a bracelet can serve as encouragement for the best friend – for example with the label “stay positive”.But also an explanation of how much you like this – of course, the name bracelet is also used as a partner bracelet;) with your own two names a perfect proof of love.

I have given a girlfriend, who is a year abroad in Africa, a beautiful name bracelet in gold.With our initials, so that she always has with us.

Name bracelet with engraving

Besides name bracelets with letter beads, there are also bracelets with engraving.These look very noble and are also suitable as a gift.When engraving I would however really recommend the name of the person, since messages are usually too long for the place to be engraved.Such short engravings can be, for example, the name of the favorite dog – or, of course, the name of one’s own child.So they are always very close to them.Of course you can also engrave the name of your partner – a very romantic gesture.

Name bracelets for the child & baby

Name bracelets are not only meant for us adults, but these are also ideal for children & babies.If the name bracelets consist of beaded beads, the design can be very child-friendly.With colored beads or symbols, the name bracelet is also child-friendly.Here, of course, your own name – so a ribbon makes itself also particularly sweet on a baby’s foot;)

Name bracelets are a wonderful idea to deliver personal messages. On we have a nice selection – at small prices.