Nail Textured Sweater, How Do

Learn all about the nails with sweater texture, how to do. This new beauty trend is gaining the preference of women of all ages. The decoration is inspired in a handmade piece and guarantees a surprising result.

The nail textured sweater is turning into a real trend among women. This nail art, super charming and modern, simulates the texture of wool shirt, which can be adapted with different colors.

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Nail textured sweater, how do

You know those typical drawings that appear in the sweaters? Well, they are serving as inspiration for the universe decorated fingernails. The new hit of the moment gets its name from Sweater Nails and plays nicely knitting nail points.

Who bet on this new trend of nail art can leave your nails look more romantic and sophisticated. In addition to simulate the drawings of the sweater, the finish also makes a point of working with embossed texture (3D!).

If you still do not know how to decorate the nails for Christmas, then consider the texture of sweater as an option. The finish inspired by the wool can presents Christmas designs, such as reindeer, ice and flowers. In England, people tend to present with this type sweaters on Christmas Eve.

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Step-by-step nail textured sweater

See the walkthrough of the nails with sweater texture, how to make:

The Sweater trend Nails already broke into Youtube. In this video tutorial, you can get a sense of how does the technique that lets your nails looking like real knit textured. To reproduce the step-by-step at home is really simple:

  1. a colourless nail base;
  2. Apply two layers of enamel, with the color of your preference.
  3. When the finish is dry, use a knitting needle to do the drawings. Dip it in a little of the same colored enamel and apply, creating the high relief of the knitting stitches. Wait to dry.
  4. once the nail art is completely dry, pass a finalizer nail base.

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Now you know all about nails textured sweater, as do. The technique is quite simple to be put into practice and ensures a delicate result. Keep the world of tribes and see other articles about beauty.