My Bare Minerals Experiences – 4 Favorite Products

Today, I share my Bare Minerals experiences with you and show you in a review four products for a natural and fast day look. I used to go to the Bare Minerals Original Foundation every day because I appreciate the easy and fast application. The result looks very natural, as if you did not wear any makeup at all. For this, skin impurities are compensated and the complexion is much more harmonious overall. In the meantime, I have used the matting Bare Minerals Matte Foundation, which makes my pores look finer. I have also learned to love three other products. For a long time I had to write before an experience report and today it is finally on my blog.

My Bare Minerals Experience: General

Before I go into the products in detail, I would like to tell you about my Bare Minerals experiences in general. I like the BareMinerals products so much because they do not strain my skin. They are free from oil, preservatives and fragrances, which might have an irritating effect. The powder products are easy to use and maintain a felt eternity until they become empty.I have other products like Lipgloss and a toned day care which I will introduce you in an extra blog contribution.

My impurities are thus not promoted and skin irritations do not occur. So if you are sensitive to chemical ingredients, I can recommend Bare Minerals products. By the way, the products do not dye on clothes as they are very well connected to the skin.

The price I find at first sight quite high, but when I consider how long I get by this, relativizes itself quickly. I just find the mineral powder products are very economical in the application and I come months if not even a whole year with such a can. Even with regular use.

Liquid foundations are sometimes to me, just when I have little time, too cumbersome to use. I do not always like the wearing feeling. They must be applied evenly so they do not get stained.During the day they can settle in wrinkles and pores. The Mineral Foundation I simply wear quickly with the brush, the result is even and very natural. I do not feel that I have anything on my skin and my skin looks much more evenly, though not completely covered.

Bare Minerals Mat Spf15 Foundation

For many years, I have been using Powder Foundations and especially Mineral Powder Foundations. I had already several brands in the test (for example, the Benecos Mineral Powder  or Nude by Nature ). I like the quick and easy order with the brush. In addition, the result is always very natural and the wearing comfort is easy and pleasant. The matting foundation of Bare Minerals is particularly suitable for skin with large pores, as I have it. The pores are not emphasized. The Bare Minerals Original Foundation, on the other hand, has stressed my pores too often because it has a slight glow from the finish. Also the durability appears to me slightly higher with the matt variant. However, one should not expect a hundred percent opacity, pimples and redness are still easily visible. Nevertheless, the overall appearance of the skin appears much finer and more even. But very natural.


Swirl, Tap, Buff is the motto here.

This means that you put some of the powder in the lid and turn the brush until the whole product is taken (Swirl). Then the excess powder (tap) is tapped and the mineral foundation is applied to the entire face with a circular movement (Buff).

A normal Kabuki or the special Bare Minerals brush can be used as a brush: the conical Full Flawless Face brush provides a medium to full covering power. The softly sloped Flawless Face Brush provides a light to medium covering power.

Bare Minerals Original Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

The Bare Minerals Original Mineral Veil Finishing Powder is transparent and translucent and extends the shelf life by absorbing excess oil. At the first application I was really surprised that this powder can make such a big difference! The face appears as soft. The effect can not be captured so well in the photos. Large pores and fine lines are laminated.

I just carry it over the Mineral Foundation. Sometimes also several times, if I can not get enough of the softening effect.

Advanced Pure Radiance

The Advanced Pure Radiance is a colored mineral for the whole face. Theoretically, because I find the glimmer quite intense. For the whole face I do not use it, but as a blush and highlighter on the cheeks and sometimes as eye shadow, the powder is very nice. One should start with little powder and increase the intensity as desired. With the can one is probably years.

Price: 22 Euro (for QVC )

19Bare Minerals Eyecolor Vanilla Sugar

The great thing about Bare Minerals Eyeshadow Vanilla Sugar is that it is so versatile. The color is a beautiful beige shimmer. It can thus serve not only as an eyeshadow, but also as a highlighter under the eyebrows, in the eye angle or on the cheekbones. The covering power is very good, a few small crumbles are sufficient. At the first glance, the doe appears somewhat small, but it lasts very long.

Price: 16,25 Euro (for QVC )

Bare Minerals Swatches

Here again Swatches of all four products. The mineral veil does not look very much, as it is a transparent powder which absorbs excess oil and softens the skin.

I hope you have helped my Bare Minerals experience. With these four products you can make a great and natural look. Other Bare Minerals products are, in my opinion, not absolutely necessary for a beautiful complexion, but only a nice change. With this basic equipment you get very far. A natural, balanced complexion with the Mineral Matte Foundation and the original Mineral Veil. The colored minerals of the Advanced Pure Radiance as a HIghlighter, Blush and even as eyeshadow. And the Vanilla Sugar eyeshadow for the eyes and as a highlighter. The products are versatile, easy to experiment.

In Germany there are the Bare Minerals products to buy for example at  QVC or Douglas. At QVCthe products are a few euros cheaper and there are always sets again to the advantage price, which I can recommend you.