Must-Have the Season: the Fringed Leather Jacket

For party queens

Evening dress The glittering brown overcoat, the short, brown wild leather jacket with a fringed lapel and wide cuffs is worn to the draped mini dress with sequin trim(from the online luxury wardrobe)-the evening can only be a success.  Jacket by Apart, about 200 euros. Dress by Calvin Klein,approx. 270 Euro. Shoes: Sinela. Clutch of floor.

For trendscouts

Safari style African colors that harmoniously harmonize: the deep dark brown of the jacket and the fresh beige color of the mini skirt(from the safari wardrobe). It is cut in balloon shape and buttoned in the front. Rock by Day Birger et Mikkelsen, about 140 euros. Classic, white shirt by Hanro, approx. 45 Euro.

For cool fairies

Romantic, delicate and casual, the effect is as follows: The short, intersected silk chiffon dress(from the romantic wardrobe) is knotted on the shoulders with wide ribbons, the jacket gives the look a cool touch. Jacket by Apart, about 200 euros. Dress by Majaco, approx. 250 Euro.

For color freaks

Aqua tones Turquoise, petrol, sea green-strong colors, which are brought to the light by the dark jacket. Knielanger balloon skirt(from the luxury wardrobe) with wide folds of Valentino Roma, about 590 euros. Mint green shirt without arm by Steffen Schraut, approx. 120 Euro. Bag: Abro. Shoes: Geox.

For flower children

Hippie look Short over long, fringes to big flowers-hippie at it’s best. Together with the leatherjacke the beach dress with patterned binding belt(from the Safari- wardrobe) can quickly be suitable for the city. Jacket by Apart, about 200 euros. Dress by Hoss, approx. 170 Euro. Sandals by Stuart Weitzman.

For stylicons

Sex-Appeal Despite the Oversize cut, the olive-colored mini dress with belt and V-neck(from the safari wardrobe) looks sexy. Could be at the jacket, which ensures that not too much is shown and a few small secrets are preserved. Jacket by Apart, about 200 euros. Dress by Franzius, about 200 euros.

For classic fans

Elegance It does not always have to be the blazer. The fringed jacket is an extraordinary contrast to white loop blouse and blue Marlene trousers. Beautiful details: the two-color belt and the leather and canvas shopper(pants, blouse, belt, shopper from the luxury wardrobe). Jacket by Apart, about 200 euros. Blouse by Boss, approx. 150 Euro. Trousers by Ralph Lauren, about 300 euros. Bag: Burberry. Shoes by René Lezard. The fringed leather jacket can be found in the safari wardrobe .