Must Have Items Fall 2015

Women snow, here are the must have items of the autumn winter 2015-2016: fashion for the mountain does not forget the quilts, doesn’t make you give up the jeans and loves the furs out of each garment, from hat to shoes. Here are the essential pieces to be comfortable, warm but always glamorous even in the mountains.

Mountain holidays are approaching and the fashion shows the trends in terms of women snow, as you well know celebrities. Practical clothing for skiing or snowboarding, but also glamour notes for walks, dinners and special evenings: the trends fashion autumn winter 2015-2016 for women snow present their must-haves.

We start from the jackets; After the bully back down last year, fashion for the mountain does not abandon them, indeed! However, courts and prefers them in dark colors, preferably with a fur-trimmed hood. Even the parka is a garment that you will see much on the ski slopes, like pea coats, outerwear piece that can not miss in the closet in the winter of 2016. Ecological fur, especially, will adorn many jackets, but also boots and ankle boots, for a soft effect super hot.

The fashion for the mountain cannot be separated from sweaters, and this year the sweaters over size “Grandma” will be a must have, especially in the snow. Warm, comfortable yet glamorous, these sweaters are chosen mainly white, Pearl Grey and cream, to be really in tune with Candide that surrounds us. The total white look, then, is always very elegant: warm during the day, full of light for special evenings. There are also over long knit dresses, kneeling, combined with thick socks or cashmere leggings.

The pants to the mountain, when not needed for sports, must be in soft wool, which does not irritate the skin. Cashmere Leggings, pants classic fit jeans are the same fabric but also thick heads right to wear this winter on the snow. Shoes must have sturdy, non-slip soles and appearance no doubt about it: the better the ankle boots or snow boots. For evening, you prefer high heel boots but square, with lugged sole and fur of ornament.

Can not miss the accessories on PharmacyLib; those who love the touches of color may point to caps and multicolored scarves. The latter, in particular, be taken absolutely more colors, albeit harmonics: the fashion scarf for women snow 2015-2016 want fancy scarves! Caps, this year, they return to the classic: the elegant fur Trapper Hat for a glamorous look or in typical hat with pom poms to look cheerful and jaunty.