Motorola Moto E, Analysis

At the end of last year Motorola He released a message very clear to the competition: If you want to compete in the input range, will not avail with any smartphone. It has to be good and the G bike, as we saw in our analysis, was an excellent contender in a category where price is one of the main factors of purchase. The US company, now owned by Lenovo, returns to give us a new release.

If the g bike they already tightened the nuts to other manufacturers, we could well say that the new bike E is one return more where the price and the features are reduced but making clear that it is a mobile phone that wants to last long so much hardware and software. Somewhat more modest specifications which tightens to the lowest range. Now well, how solid is the Motorola bet with this new terminal? We take step to our analysis to answer this question.

Technical features of the Motorola Moto E

Motorola Moto E, specifications
Physical dimensions 124.8 x 64.8 x 12.3 mm140 grams
Screen 4.3 inch Gorilla Glass 3 IPS
Resolution 540 x 960, 256 ppp
Processor Snapdragon 200 Dual Core Cortex-A7, @1.2 GHz
Graphics processor Adreno 302
Memory 4 GB + microSD up to 64 GB, 2GB working
Version Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
Connectivity Wireless 802.11b/g/nBluetooth 4.0 LE
Expansion ports MicroUSBMicroSD (up to 64 GB)
Cameras 5 megapixel (2592 x 1944 pixels) without Flash. There is no front camera
Battery 1,980 mAh Li-ion battery
Access to Google Play Yes, series
Other Dual SIM, Micro format
Starting price 119 euros

Many will remember that phrase that Peter Parker’s uncle said his nephew a few hours before his death. All power carries a great responsibility. Okay, we cannot say that the main virtue of the motorcycle and is his power, but both share a very fierce and at times difficult to keep virtue: the commitment. Well, we could say that all low-end smartphone has one of them.

When we go for a little more than a hundred euros smartphone should forget for a moment the sticker from the box. We must not be influenced by it, but we can not deny it. An important fair, balanced. When we see a mobile so we have to make a simple pledge: you’ll get a good smartphone, but you may find gaps in some respects.

If you look at the specifications without over the Moto E we see that they are quite round data. A 200 Snapdragon processor which, for many, is little known to us because that is normal in this range be used to competitors like MediaTek or RockChip greets us. The younger brother of the 400 who was riding the bike G.

We look in more detail the aspects where most usually present problems input range: the screen sounds good and without even being Full HD 720 p does not seem a bad panel. The battery is something less than 2,000 mAh. A reasonable number considering that it is a mobile small, other more economical phablets play the trump card of the size to introduce a little more than capacity.

The most worrying aspect at first glance is the internal memory. 4GB of internal storage where only 2 are at our disposal. The microSD card is thus converted into a must-have accessory nor is it the panacea to this problem: let us remember that not all applications can be moved, first, to the external storage unit.

The camera, as always, on paper does not give us many clues of their performance. The fact that carried no flash is not a good sign but we will give you a chance. After reviewing the data, and be a few days using the terminal and mobile main let’s step at its dissection. Hello, again, Moto. We are going with this.


Motorola has decided to be again consistent in design and keep the lines that we had seen both the G and the X. A slight curve in the vertical axis of the back cover is that the terminal grip better to the Palm of the hand. This part of the mobile touch has changed and is now more Gummy. A feeling which translates into fewer slips in your hand.

The circle where the Motorola logo is a little less depressed, although it is still a very important element when it comes to pick up the phone. That Yes, the design makes that more than once we put the fingers on the camera so odds that mark the glass of the sensor are very high.

In terms of thickness and weight the bike E maintains a good balance. It does not seek to compete to be the thinnest or light and feeling transmitting at all times is that it is a mobile phone that is not off hand. Robust, it shows no sign of fragility in no time. A good alternative to all the grandullones that inhabit the ecosystem of Android smartphones are becoming more mobile small.

The speaker moves from the back to the front. It is true that it was much to ask a fine and elegant finish as the micro-perforations of the HTC One but two bands of plastic chrome on the front panel are ugly. At least in this way we do not uppercase it so easily.

The front of the phone is well used, There are no large frames and although insurance could have a little more hurry, the proportions are quite correct. As in the previous bike last year, casings will give a touch of color quite necessary since black is a bit boring. Motorola has managed to maintain its visual language without sacrificing anything and being faithful to him.


The screen is also slightly sacrificed in comparison with the G and we lose some brightness and resolution. Its 960 x 540 pixels are a bad combination with 4.3 inches is the total density of 256ppp. I had to get off a step, but the result is not bad.

We miss a few nits, outdoors with natural light, there are moments where reflexes become quite uncomfortable. Low-light reading is comfortable and the colors are quite naturally. Texts, sometimes suffers a little with very fine font of black on dark background.

Moto E raises the bar of the screen in this category

Even with this, it has a screen of higher quality than many low-end terminals. The answer is touch and although the pixels, Miss especially if we come from a phone with more resolution, is not an aspect that penalized much. Motorola has managed recoil without sacrificing too much an aspect that is important.

Not enough bike G level, he really surprised us, but it is above the average in this section. You are not going to find major problems, but that you afinéis the tab you will see that it is imperfect. I know that it is not fair to compare as well but I encourage you to pick up any mobile of hundred euros, looking at the screen and return to this. The difference is palpable.

Performance and autonomy

As we said in the presentation of the technical specifications, bike E is not a particularly powerful smartphone. A step backwards which does not sacrifice or committed performance that will offer. Here they have been honest with us and they have opted for cheaper components but keeping aspects which must be already basic in any terminal that really wants to be competitive.

It is fluid and move with agility. At specific times we have found that it can take a few fractions of seconds more when you open documents or applications with some weight. That Yes, the response in general is rapid points as important as turning on the screen or navigation through the different menus.

Moto E Moto G Droxio A47 Zopo ZP998 Bq Aquaris 5HD
AnTuTu 12.254 16.978 13.804 24.937 14.117
Quadrant 5.140 7.329 3.934 16.375 4.084
EPIC Citadel 49.5 fps on average / High Perfomance 57.2 fps on average / High Performance 59.4 fps on average / High Performance 40.6 average fps / High Performance 66 fps on average / High Performance
Vellamo 1.213 1.898 1.439 1.906
PI Benchmark 545 milliseconds 363 milliseconds 562 milliseconds 264 milliseconds 557 milliseconds

Data corroborate our hypothesis: a correct performance is not a pointer, but that is more than enough for the user of a foot. Barriers that we are quite far and are more linked to its low internal memory than the capacity of your processor and graphics chip. We have tested applications of all kinds, in addition to games, and we have not seen any error garrafal.

As for the battery we have 1,950 mAh, sealed, which guarantees us without any problems endure a day giving intense use. In no time I made it necessary to go through the magazine or go to an external battery. Complies, without showing off that Yes.

It must also take into account the type of use that we are going to do with it. When we have a top screen Full HD give authentic desire to watch movies and take advantage of larger screens. Here the E bike meets but it is not a device that incite us to squeeze the multimedia section except for very short and any moments.


One of the promises of Motorola, which has complied with the previous models, at the moment is that we will always be updated to the latest version of Android. The E bike comes standard with 4.4.2 Android KitKat and just personalization by the manufacturer, something that I personally thank.

Few additional applications that are quite useful. On the one hand to have two known: an app for migration to pass information from one terminal to another, and Assist to set up when we are asleep or assembled and do not want to disturb us. Two extras that add value and are not mere consumers of memory space.

Then we have two new faces: an FM radio as that they have already seen on other occasions. Nothing spectacular, we will need a headset for it to work, it fulfills its mission. Then we have another additive called alarm. An emergency service that will allow us to notify contacts that you select when you pass something serious. It is true that for the two alternatives on Google Play but thanks to come standard.

Motorola introduces what is just and necessary, there is no space for more nor

Dual SIM is managed according to Android settings and Motorola does not introduce any tool. A simple management that will allow us to how we want to use each card. It is true that none of the applications is a great additional value but the commitment to be always up-to-date pays more than the existence of extras that we can always get off on our own.


When in list of specifications, we saw that the front camera did not have flash, we saw us coming that this was going to be the looser of the terminal section. It has passed the g bike but here the jump backwards is most noticeable. We are not the biggest problem in the sensor, which is something fair, but in the image processing software.

Moto E has the ugly trend of reinterpreting the pixels to blur them and give a look of something tosco wallpaper. Slow approach, is grateful for the HDR mode and be able to control the exposure manually but this is without doubt the Achilles heel of the terminal. Let’s look at some pictures made with it.

As you can see in the image the camera detects very well the colors and the different contrasts. A correct, simple photo which shows that the answer is good if we select a favourable decision. However, as you can see in the right trimming pixels, fade although it is not the image where it is more noticeable.

Photo of the interior with natural light. A good example of how blurs the pixels and fails to focus on the object. Difference between figure and background well. It shows well the colors but the out of focus gives it a certain aura that was not looking for.

Attempt of macro where you can hardly see the blur. In fact the street lamp on the right column has as a true White halo giving to understand that there is a support lighting. Slightly giving a unrealistic wallpaper effect blurs the details of the Lantern.

Photo of inside direct artificial light. Generalized blur. ON the dark side you can see the details that are not lost. Slightly flatten the volume of the table which is slightly convex. Correct photo without further.

Attempt at night photo at Gran Via with cars in several luches and movements. Many blurs demonstrating that the Motorola Moto E camera is does well with artificial lights. At least the contrast is good and shows enough detail in the dark parts.

A clear example of why the image that makes the Motorola Moto E processing can give bad results. Well in color, showing enough richness of detail, but the hair of the dog are completely blurred by losing details. The only ones that are best appreciated are the back of the neck.

The more sacrificial aspect that will allow us to make quick photos but with much improved results. We’ll see if with any future upgrade because a priori seems that the problem is in the software. The approach has to be improved since it is sometimes difficult to atinar with the application default introduced by Motorola.

The front camera is conspicuous by its absence. Something I miss less for videoconferences and not so much for self-portraits. Really had more expensive both the cost of the terminal by introducing this element? I think that it is increasingly harder to justify to stay outside the set of specifications.

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More than just an economic terminal, Xataka Android view

Motorola dares to continue lowering specifications to launch a very competitive terminal where slaughtered two aspects that are not vital but important in many cases. The average user does not want to be juggling moving applications from one site to another or by modifying your terminal to move more to a microSD card.

With photos I will be happy but there are mobile in this range of price that are a little better. Moreover we have a very attractive terminal, solvent and which will serve all those who want a smartphone with guarantees. That Yes, today is worth investing a little more and go for the Moto G: better screen, camera and processor. Motorola has adjusted very well price but its next step well justifies the economic effort.

In favour

  • Always updated
  • Good screen
  • Software that adds value


  • Little memories internal
  • Camera: approach and image processing