More News of Android O Add Your Own Ringtones from Call, Adjust The Hour with The Keyboard and More

The next version of Android or hides many new features that were not announced by Google and which are coming to light thanks to the first available for the Nexus and Pixel preview.

Two days after the launch of Android or Developer Preview yet still discovering more new features, many of them very practical like these that we see:

File Explorer

In the Nexus and Pixel, the application Downloads It now becomes the Android file browser. Now the application is called Files and Add shortcut for direct access to downloads from the application launcher.

The application Files allows us to view our downloads, images, Videos, Audio, the most recent files, access your files in the cloud and manage our internal storage delete, copy, move and rename files.

Add your own ringtones and sounds

With Android or already will not need to use third-party applications for change ringtone or notification and alarm sounds. We can now sound selector Add your own MP3 files.

Adjust the hour with the keyboard

The hour selector now adds a new option for to adjust the time using the keypad If we see that we seize not moving the analog clock hands.

Most compact persistent notifications

Finally, Android or passes to show persistent notifications in a more compact way to give more prominence to the main notifications. The system displays a persistent notification when there is an application that is all the while running in the background