Mom Stirs Controversy When She Says Child Does Not Need To Borrow Toy

The report of the American mother Alanya Kolberg has given what to speak in the social networks in the last week. She tells of a day when she was walking in the park with her son when he was approached by six boys.The children borrowed the toy that Alanya’s son was holding.

The mother noticed that the boy felt trapped and looked at her for help. So her response was “you can say no to them”. After Rctoysadvice, Alanya reports that the children who wanted the borrowed toy were to tell her what had happened. “He has no obligation to lend you. He said no. If he wanted to, he will share, “he said.

The children’s parents were shocked and glared at Alanya. So she decided to vent on Facebook. Read, below, the translation of the outburst.

“If an adult goes to the park to eat a sandwich, is he forced to share with strangers? No! That’s why, why are you thinking me thinking my son and I are rude? Who is uneducated in this story? The child who is reluctant to give his 3 toys to 6 strange children, or six children who demand something that is not theirs, even seeing that the owner of the toys is uncomfortable?

The goal is to teach our children to act like adults. Anyway, my son brought the toys to share with this friend of hers from the photo. He just did not want to share it with the boys because he was excited to play with her friend.”