Modern Ceiling Lamps

Today let’s talk about modern ceiling lamps, and let’s do it by analyzing some of the most important creations of the company Metalarte, the Spanish company which is characterized by perfectly combining tradition and innovation in all his works.

The result of this right is a broad Union catalogue of very attractive lamps, with an artistic design and craftsmanship, and with some truly amazing creations, ideal for a modern setting in which we want to introduce a touch of romanticism.

Because this is the brand identity of the lampstands Metalarte: modern and innovative creations without forgetting the essence of enlightenment, an essence that was forged over the years. To this Catalan company light is not an abstract concept, but sum a matter to work with.

A good example of craftsmanship and innovation of the work of the company is the lamp with you get the lamp suspended Bailaora. This presents a unique flexible design that allows us to create several creations stacking their modules. We can stack up to three of them.

These are made in satin methacrylate coated with a lamp of EVA foam. We can find it in two colors: white or black.

Another interesting design elegance that transmits the lamp suspended Campanela, designers Herme Ciscar and Mónica García. The white ceramic structure your and your curious suspended cord braided are responsible for this stand out incredibly well. However we can find the rope in two shades: black and bordeaux.

We now see a more minimalist design, though equally full of class and elegance. The lamp suspended Hopper features an aluminum structure that we can find in two colors: white or silver color. Tando upper and lower diffuser are made of smoked glass optics.

The three cables of the lamp are adjustable-fit and are made in stainless steel. You have two diameters to choose from, 70 and 80 cm, and you can opt for a fully round lamp or another slightly oval. Both can be chosen in two dimensions that we saw earlier.

And let’s end with another elegant and minimalist ceiling lamp. In this case it is the lamp suspended Lewit. This presents a cylindrical lamp chinz fabric that we can choose black or white.

The three cables of the lamp are adjustable-fit and are made in stainless steel. On INSURANCEJUST have three sizes including opt: a large 90 cm in diameter, a medium of 65 cm, and a last little of 45 cm.