MIUI Becomes Open Source

Much time has passed, much development and supported devices, many versions alpha, beta, and functional ROMs then, MIUI will finally be Open Source Thanks to the publication of source code.

MIUI was born in China as a development alternative to Android interface, but soon became in one of the most famous custom ROMs platform, not in vain, were the architects of the arrival of the FM Radio to the Nexus One, for example.

This is a good news, as well as important, and is that many developers will surely be glad to dispose of the original code of the ROM, particularly those who have worked hard to port MIUI to devices that are not officially supported.

The news has jumped directly from the official website of MIUI, and has been confirmed through their channels in social networks. The code is already being released on github, the same repository where Cyanogenmod codes, are also and also has been created MiCode, a website where to find all the information related to the source code for MIUI.

At the moment has been published, since the distribution of that code has not finished. We hope that don’t you wait much at the time, and above all We look forward to seeing if this opening will bring new features to the Android scene.