Michaela Römer – More Golden Things

All lovers dream of, this very special ring, as a symbol for that very special feeling. THE TrauMRing, will accompany you through another, common life.

Michaela Roman Goldsmith knows and understands this issue like no other. For over 21 years, she is an integral part of the world of fine handmade jewelry pieces. So many couples all over the world love their work and literally carry their talent with you… every day.

So many real men say, that this very special engagement ring – from Michaela’s hands – them extra confidence was to make this a question and hope, to get the right answer.

But in spite of all this… a part was missing in Michaela’s satisfaction jigsaw puzzle… after so many years of craft and self-employment Michaela knows how important it is, to bring a piece of jewellery on a photo to the validity… so many of their valuable pieces were so many styled shoots guest… and perhaps that is why the desire grew to organize her own shoot in which the jewelry is not just a supporting role , but plays the main role.

And finally Michaela Romans decided that now the time is right to do so.

With this tangible goal she started to spin new ideas, to share it with good friends, and from them to get new… and then it was finished: the plan for “MoRe golden things”.

I am excited, today the results of much preparation, a perfect day in Paris, to show a perfect team and the exceptional artist Greg Finck.