Messenger Bags: Trendy Shoulder Bags Conquer the Pocket World

Time on the needs of courier driving produced and came out stable and durable bags are the wind, and defy weather, to the products to be transported from A to B safely were originally called Messenger bags or even shoulder bags. But it was of course as is often only a matter of time until also the trendsetters and fashion designers have discovered this practical items for themselves and have ensured that from purely functional work utensils also fashion trend bags were that now exist in the different versions.

The original materials such as polyurethane and other plastics are processed while still, but there are now also which made of leather or nylon, simply order the variation width bit to enlarge. Messenger bags are not just practical and you can stow away wonderful all necessary things in it, they are also very stylish and underline the sporty style of carrier. Of course, these bags are not for the business meeting or the Coctailparty, but they are also not intended. Women have know several bags in the range and for any occasion including counterpart ready. Messenger bags are ideal for Outddor trips, excursions by bike or just for a visit at the Lake, because they are wonderfully resilient and robust as mentioned above.
Let’s see it in our shop at what kind of shoulder bags are there and make my personal top 5 here before.

This sweet and caring anyway happy bag with Blumeprints of blood brothers and sisterslands at no. 5. Nixonends up at number 4. The Port Messenger Bag a discreet blue is handier in size and suitable for the moments in life where one must have everything here, but want to be still well equipped.
3rd place dust canvasco . The very casual bag made of canvas material is rather a summer companion, but the next summer coming Yes definitely.
My number 2 is by Sansibar Sylt and consists of high-quality cowhide leather in very classic blue, admitted she is also slightly more expensive, but has probably also very long which of her.
We come to my favourites, I put on my podium because I just love pink and if already sporty, then at least a bit colourful: it’s the Vinatge Patch by converse, which is located in a totally affordable price range.