Men’s Fashion Watches for 2016

Fashion shows for autumn-winter men watches in the last days and show us what the predominant tone for the new season 2012-2013 are.

Men's Fashion Watches

Everything points to the protagonists of the next season will be cold and very soft colors, marked by different shades of gray, blue and orange-brown off tending to mustard and brick. Khaki, charcoal and dark green a gap between male garments that will see the arrival of the cold are made.

That is why, from wrist watches that are committed military style watches as the most successful to combine with our warm clothes. With its elegant design and versatility of colors ranging from brown, khaki and green, blend perfectly with the steel gray and black of its components. An ideal combination between dress and watch that we should not forget at any time not to lose the elegance if we want to be the last.

Examples of watches you can find in our catalog and opt for autumn-winter fashion are:

The bridgat men’s watch is a bet on elegance and dressing well. Its black leather strap inspires confidence and good taste thanks to its versatility. A watch that we can use both casual clothes and dress. The dark tones of the dial and strap are perfectly offset by the brightness of steel and green targets and timetables indicators. An automatic watch 40 mm of a brand with so much history as Aeromatic.

Wenger’s gamble is the Military Field 70392XL, a Swiss quartz watch 40 mm. An informal style pilot ‘s watch and quartz movement . The bracelet green nylon gives it a military and youthful style that blends perfectly with jeans, sweatshirt and shirt. A sport watch manufacturing and Swiss guarantee.

The GPW brand is synonymous with military. Their watches are characterized by their light-hearted and youthful style. The simplicity of its design does not leave behind the quality of its German manufacturing. A company with a long history that has assortment of watches to the German Infantry in various conflicts of the twentieth century. It noted for its large size (42.5 mm), the titanium case and sapphire crystal high resistance.

Name the Russian company Vostok is talk of tradition and high quality. The brand, characteristic and well known since Soviet times, offers sophisticated and very complete with different customizable designs to suit everyone watches. The Ekranoplan Chrono is a large military watch (47 mm) with chronograph and date. The steel case and the mineral glass remantan a set marked by the military green.