Men’s Fashion Trends For Spring 2016

The masculine fashion trends for the winter of 2015 came well with you and the other readers, so I decided that I am also trying to contribute to fashionable masculine trends spring 2016. After all, we already have mid-March and if not now when should you report on the latest trends in spring?

Fortunately, these are not limited to spring, but also extend into the summer, but this is another topic. One must nevertheless keep in mind that not everything that was in last year is still hip, this is why I would like to show you what is happening in spring 2016 in terms of trends for the man.

Fashionable Colors For Spring 2016

Looking at the fashion trends spring 2016, it is noticeable that these can not only be determined by certain cuts, designs, styles or individual pieces of clothing. It is also possible to see a trend in the color of the outfits, which is announced in spring 2016. In the collage you will get a few clues about what colors are in the current season. It should, however, be noted that brighter or darker nuances of the respective color are also considered for the men’s fashion spring 2016.

One thing I think is very good to recognize, unlike the winter, the colors become more colorful, colorful and no longer restrained. The focus is on the nature, which in the spring begins to show color and thus drives away the dreary winter weather. A bright green ,conspicuous lemon yellow and various blues are just three of the hottest color trends in spring. Although I personally the lemon yellow rather a darker wear or just as an accent in different styles would bring along.

The next trend color “Coral” will be slightly less glaring . This is especially casual at t-shirts, polos or even suits. Whereby the latter is already very daring in my eyes. With “Mauve” also is a color among the trends for spring, which can be combined with all quasi the little brother of “taupe” from last year.

All in all, one must be a bit open-minded, for the color trends of spring. Personally, it is a bit too colorful and bizarre. Whereby I will make the decision for a color separately for each piece of clothing.So I know quite certainly that a suit in coral is not for me, but with a polo shirt, on the other hand, I like to convince myself.

Hot Styles To Which One (S) In Spring 2016 Should Not Be Without

Regarding the colors for the spring, we agree: colorful, bright and striking. But what kind of garments and accessories do you wear with these colors? There is also the appropriate answer here, in the following I have put together different garments and practical accessories, which we will see so often in the spring of 2016.

The Field Jacket Also Makes A Good Figure In The City

Last year it was the bomber jacket , which was very popular with the men. And this year, too, a jacket with a military background finds its way into the men’s fashion trends spring 2016: the field jacket. The field jackets have picked up a wide variety of labels in their collections, not surprisingly, they know that they are attracted by their four front pockets.

But here it does not stop, because not only the bags contribute to the fact that the jacket stands out from other light spring jackets, also the selected colors and materials of the labels know to attract attention. In addition to classic colors such as olive green or various gray shades, the field jacket also comes in a bright blue, striking coral or strong brown tone. Boring styles can be said with these colors adè.

What is still to be noted is the fact that the four pockets on the front of the jacket offer a lot of space for all sorts of things, but should not be used in everyday life. Because honestly the jacket can still look so stylish, when it comes with bloated bags, it looks anything but good!

The Suede Jacket As An Alternative To The Classic Leather Jacket

I would like to give my leather jacket for nothing in the world, to give the whole a bit of drama. But these are not so popular in 2016.Wild leather jackets on the other hand. Here, too, labels are used for common brown, black and blue tones, which represent the suede jacket. I particularly like the extremely minimalistic style.

One thing you should check, however, before you leave the house, the weather! Because in the rain and wet, suede jackets are no fun.To avoid a nuisance in the event of a sudden rain shower, you should pre-treat your jacket made of suede. I will probably devote myself more to the subject of suede jacket in the future, so stop my eyes!

Cuban Collar Shirt, Because It Does Not Always Have To Be Button Down

The name is with this shirt program, because Cuban collar stands for nothing more than “cuban collar” and this has its origin already in the 1950er years. Shirts with cuban collar stand out, for example, from the button-down shirt in that they are not high-capped but open and casual, similar to a collar. This collar style can be seen especially in short sleeve shirts.

The Cuban collar is then usually combined with eye-catching prints and patterns, which help to make the shirts look real. If you now imagine the combination with the trendy colors of the fashion trends 2016, one can assume that everyone is seen on the street at first glance. Whether this is pleasing or a little too much, then everyone can decide for themselves.

Straight-Leg Pants Because It Does Not Always Have To Be Jeans

The alternative to jeans is this spring straight-leg pants. In contrast to conventional slim-fit jeans, these pants are not too strong and offer the legs enough air to breathe. What makes wearing straight-leg pants straight on warm spring days makes for a pleasant change. And, of course, you can still wear them without hesitation in summer.

The versatile colors of straight-leg pants are surely the right one for you. Especially during working hours you should pay attention to a more conservative color selection, ie: gray, beige, navy blue or black. This makes nothing wrong. Combined with a simple round neckline t-shirt, a polo shirt or a short-sleeved shirt, the straight-leg pants definitely makes a good figure.

Linen Blazer For Warm Spring Days

Whether linen shirts and linen trousers – announced or out are I already explained in the previously linked post. Small tip, linen garments are hip and this year big in coming as you can see on the springstring linen blazer. This has the advantage on his side that the material is exceptionally light and breathable, making the linen blazer a welcome companion on warm spring days.

Color should be set to light, neutral colors or pastel tones, as these can be perfectly compatible with the warm weather, for which the blazer is made of linen. The blazer can be combined with almost anything. Say, to short-sleeved shirt, t-shirt, chino and jeans, he makes a good figure as well as an elegant shirt.

Leather And Linen Slip-Ons To Match The Summer

A trend that has not convinced me so much so far is the leather and linen slip-ons. Since I am personally still rather on minimalist designed sneakers. The only argument I can apply for the slip-ons of leather or linen is that you can definitely put them on the beach.Also for the quick slip-slip, because you have to run briefly to the baker, I leave as an argument for the slip-ons.

At least technically, the variant of the leather or linen slip-ons appeals to me. This is a great opportunity to have a great influence on their appearance. Where, in my opinion, with classic white, gray or black slip-ons does nothing wrong. They can be combined perfectly with short trousers or three-quarter jeans-if it likes it!

Tote Bag Brings Almost Everything From A To B

The tote bag is by no means a dead bag. Rather, this designates the style of the bag. The term tote bag comes from the English, from “to tote” which means “carry”, so the tote bag can also be called a tote bag. The purpose of the bag should also be clarified.

The tote bag is thus the handbag of the modern man in 2016, who wants to do without his backpack or his messenger bag, which reaches the tote bag. If you are on the road, it makes sense to put a tote bag with black or dark brown leather. If you are on the way to the beach, a tote bag made of linen or light leather is the right choice. But no matter what tote bag you wear, this casual wear over the shoulder is and remains a no-go.